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Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making

Being frugal isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are things that you just need, so there is not much choice but to pay out for them. Or is there? Well, how about making them yourself instead? It’s actually pretty easy to make a multitude of items that would cost a lot of money to buy new. Read my suggestions below to find out how.

Artistic – Abstract Masterpiece

Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making

Buying decorative items for your home can cost a fortune. But why pay out when you or the kids can create your own for a fraction of the price?

It’s super easy to get the kids involved in craft projects, so why not get them to knock out a few abstract style paintings? All you need is some stretched box canvas and some paints that match the decor of your room.

Place a plastic sheet down first, and make sure they are wearing old clothes and then let them go to town on the canvas! Most people think their kids could paint abstract art anyway, as evidence by the film my kid could paint that, which you can find out more about at . So who will know the difference?

Practical – Cord Keeper

Everyone has a draw of charging cords that are a mess these days right? Well, a great way of keeping these tidy is to craft your own cord keeper. You can get a free pattern template from Leafy Treetop here. There are pretty quick to make, and you can use up any scraps of fabric you have laying about.

All you do need is fabric, interface backing, Velcro and a sewing machine. If you haven’t got a switch machine, you can find help on pages like There you will find reviews, so you will know which one to get.

Ecological Bug Palace

Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making

OK, so this one isn’t for the house itself, a bit more for the garden. It’s a bug palace. These are super easy to make and a great project to get the kids involved in too.

They best thing about them is that they encourage all the bugs and insects, and the wildlife that feeds on them, like birds to come and set up home in your garden. Making it a wonderful nature sanctuary.

All you need to do is some bricks that are in good condition. The old one is best as they are free and it’s a good way of recycling them. You will also need some planks of wood or ply board and various garden bits and pieces like pine cones, a chunk of logs, plastic cups, and old flower pots.

Then take two bricks and lay them end to end on the ground where you want your bug palace. Then take another two bricks and lay them parallel to the first two. Leave enough space that the wood you have will stretch over the space like a shelf. Place on the wood and repeat instructions ensuring the stake is stable.

Finish with a piece of wood on top and slant it, so the rain runs off. You might want to cover is plastic too to protect it.

Now you have your stack fill the shelves with items such as plastic cups filled with soil in. Toilet roll tubes, or broken plant pots. The idea is to make a habitat safe for bugs, with covered places to live in. Easy or what?

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