Things You Should Consider Before You Get a Pet

Pet ownership rose exponentially during the pandemic as more and more people sought out the company whilst they were stuck in their homes. Pets are great; they offer companionship, they can lower stress levels and even improve your mental health. That being said, you need to consider many things before making a commitment of this magnitude. First, remember you are responsible for that creature for the duration of its life.

So, before you rush out and adopt or buy a pet, take a minute to truly think about what it means to become a pet parent.

The Cost

Pets have needs that you will be responsible for fulfilling. They need food, water, toys, and bedding which can include something like a tank, cage or hutch, depending on the pet. They also need to be registered to a veterinary practice, where they’ll need regular check-ups, inoculations and flea and worm prevention. As a responsible pet owner, you will also be expected to take out pet insurance which can become costly as the pet ages or you make a claim. Pets can be expensive; there is no getting around that, and so if you do not have the money to look after it properly, you shouldn’t get one.

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Time Commitment

Pets are not only a costly commitment, they also take up a lot of time too. Between cleaning up after them, feeding them, socialising them and exercising them, you may not have much free time left. If you are prone to flights of fancy or spontaneity, this is something that you will have to consider before committing to a pet, as your life does need to change to accommodate them.


If you are in a rental property, pets can be tricky. Some landlords or agencies require a higher deposit which is another expense. Although pets are no longer subject to a blanket ban, not since the model tenancy agreement of 2021 was finalised. Consent for pets is the default, and they can only be refused if the landlord has a good reason. Stability is also important for pets, so if you move a lot, it may also not be advisable for you to get a pet until you are settled. The breed that you choose may also affect your housing options. For example, some dogs are more prone to barking than others, and if you receive a lot of complaints from neighbours, this could jeopardise your housing if you rent.

In Conclusion

Above are the three biggest factors that you need to consider if you are thinking about getting a pet. If you can’t in good conscience say that you are prepared for these, then you should not be getting a pet at this juncture of your life. Getting a pet can lead to one of the most meaningful experiences of your life. That being said, pets also get older, infirm and perish before their owners, so you also need to think about whether you are prepared to love and lose your pet too.

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