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They grow up so fast…how to update your kid’s bedroom

They grow up so fast…how to update your kid's bedroomDoes it seem like you just went shopping for a nursery crib and now your teenager is growing out of their bed? Your little bundle of joy is not such a little bundle anymore!

Time flies, especially when you have children, and the ability to have furniture last longer than their clothes is often a challenge. Kid’s room decor should be versatile to adapt to their growing age, but also fun for them, as they have to live in the space. If you’re struggling to try and find furniture that doesn’t have to be replaced every year, here are a few tips to grow up with your child.

Make the room their own

As children get older, they usually want some sense of possession, and making their room that place that’s special to them and absolutely theirs is a great way to give them that first taste of individuality. Cement this idea with custom door signs. From a stern “Keep Out” to a polite “Please knock before entering” or maybe just their name, a sign for their door is a fun idea that your growing child will love. 

Think about versatility

Invest in items that will go far. Buying an all singing all dancing cot that cost the Earth was probably great for the time your baby used it…but now you’re stuck with it! One of the easiest ways to have your room grow with your child is to make their bedroom versatile.

Use bunk and loft beds when kids are younger, as they grow, convert the floor area to desk and chair area. Convertible beds that convert from nursery cots into toddler beds and then full-size beds are other options to be versatile and cost effective.

A color change

One of the easiest ways to update your child’s room is with a new wall color. With a paint can and a paint brush a young child’s room can be transformed into a room that’s fit for a teen.

If your son’s sky-blue room is too youthful for him and his teenage friends, consider a modern taupe, or green palette to modernize the room and his spirits! The beauty of wall color is your child and you can quickly change the mood of the room and decor as you both desire. Then you can coordinate bedding, window areas, and rugs to bring the entire room together visually.

Create “areas”

What once was the toy bin and activity table are now replaced with laptops and iPod docking stations! Other simple ways to update your kid’s room is to create activity areas that will accommodate their changing interests and hobbies.

Where you used to stick pictures that they made at school for you, adapt that space to accommodate bright and busy notice boards. Where there was once a corner filled with soft toys, fill it with bright bean bags. Or create an area dedicated to a PC or gaming. Make space for organization and their phones of course!

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