The Way to Give Your Dog Identity

There is no better way to give dogs an identity than to fit them with Dog Tags. They can look impressive and prove functional as a way to catch up with your dog. Not only can your dog be returned to you should they get lost because of venturing into new territory or another street, but you can feel proud to be their owner when you are walking them. It is worth thinking about those extra details such as how your dog would look wearing a designer dog tag.


With the dog tags currently on the market to buy, you no longer have to think of them as just a circular disc, although these are still obtainable if you want to stick to a traditional design. You can also choose from a whole manner of shapes and sizes for your dog. For instance, you could go for a bone or paw design, in keeping with the images that we all associate with dogs. Alternatively, you could decide on a daisy flower to represent what you might see in the grass as you walk them.

In terms of colors, you can, as a variation on chrome, go for a colored aluminum. Blacks, reds, and shades of blue are all possible.

For those into all things military, how about a pet ID tag that resembles the military ones in its shape? This is available in a nice chrome finish.

To show that you love your dog, a heart-shaped design would reflect the fact. What about traditional red or even a golden heart to show how much you care? Also, if you love a particular breed of dog, you can have your breed represented as a pet ID tag. It will then have a similar image to your dog, perhaps with a border collie on the front and your contact details on the reverse.

To add that bit of bling you can have a sparkle or shine to your dog tag, whether you go for a heart or paw.

Why not make your dog almost human-like, it is part of the family after all, by having a bow tie design?

So, the choices are vast and all available online for ease of selection and purchase.



Laser engraving can often be free as an addition to your pet ID or dog tag. It is, after all, the reason for the tag. Although, it is hard not to get carried away with the different designs and make that your first thought.

When you have more than one dog, you can decide whether to have your dogs matching or to give them all their own identity through a different pet ID tag.


Another way of making your dog stand out from the rest is to think about other accessories in addition to their pet ID tag. There are some luxurious collars around.

Walking your dog has, in many places, become a fashion statement. As you might dress up for urban dog walking, you might also want to dress your dog in a sense too. This does not mean putting a coat on them when the weather does not warrant it, but instead, considering how pleasing their collar looks to your eye and everyone else’s. You will soon be finding that it is not just your dog that is being admired, it will be their fashion accessories too. Then not just ones that are merely for aesthetic appeal but functional too. This involves the collar that is attached to the lead to keep them close to you and safe, and the dog tag in case they should escape.

In conclusion, we can give our dog identity by not just buying any pet ID tag but a bespoke one that suits their personality or yours. Also, attaching that to a designer collar to give you both style and class. For the engraving on the dog tag, make sure that it includes an up-to-date phone number or address.

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