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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Pacifiers

While parenting is an intriguing and exciting experience, it is always full of challenges. For first time parents, having to raise a baby can seem like a big hurdle to cross. 

Basically, most patents fail to cope with the journey of being a parent for the sole reason of being unprepared. This way, such parents are unable to manage new challenges and experiences that normally arise everyday while bringing up their child. 

The good news is that the baby market offers a versatile and dynamic range of baby supplies, toys, and necessities, aimed at making your baby’s life pleasurable. 

These items have been designed with the latest innovative techniques to not only ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable but to make sure that the parents enjoy their parenting responsibilities as well. 

Even so, for a new parent, you may feel confused as to which baby items to choose from among the myriads available. 

More often, you can find yourself confused or stuck as to which products to choose from. Moreso is the dilemma heightened when it comes to necessary products such as pacifiers. 

When is the right time to start using a pacifier?

Although it’s highly unlikely that your baby will use words to express their desire to use a pacifier, there is a high probability that your baby will show clear signs that a pacifier is needed. Such signs include suckling on a ptu baby bottle or better yet suckling on their thumb. 

And when should a child stop using a pacifier? While there’s no direct answer to this question, some health experts advise parents to stop using it on children who have attained three years.  

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Pacifier?

As much as the pacifier may seem like a simple item, choosing the best pacifier for your baby isn’t that simple. This is because you need to choose a pacifier that your baby will not only feel comfortable to use but satisfied as well. These factors will help you choose a superior product. 


Just like any other product in the market, pacifiers come in different sizes. But how will you know what size best suits your baby?

Basically, all pacifiers come three sizes: small, medium, and large. So depending on the age of your baby, you can comfortably choose the one that best fits your baby. The good news is that most brands actually give a recommendation as to which size best fits a certain age. 

Choosing the right size plays a crucial role in ensuring that your baby fully enjoys the pacifier. Therefore, ensure to always pay close attention to your baby’s age when choosing a pacifier. 


Once you decide to hit the market for a pacifier, you should always be on the lookout for the type of material used to make the pacifier. More specifically, you should ensure that the material used to make the nipple of the pacifier is not only tender and comfortable for your baby, but is safe to use as well. 

There are many materials used to make a baby pacifier. One of the widely used materials is silicone. The best thing about this material is that it is quite easy to use and manage. 

Apart from silicone, other baby pacifier nipples are made of latex. Contrary to common belief, latex material is quite softer and flexible. 

This ensures that the baby has comfortable time sucking on the nipple. The only downside to this material is that it is not quite durable compared to silicone. 


The guard is the part that prevents the nipple from choking your baby. When it comes to choking a pacifier, you should ensure that it should be at least 1 inch in size. This way, your baby will remain comfortable and safe while sucking on the pacifier. 

Apart from the size of the guard, the shape also plays a crucial role. Ensure to choose a guard that is curved. The best thing about this shape is that it allows ample ventilation for your baby. 

This way, your baby can experience ample air circulation thus preventing any rashes and skin irritations. 

How to Clean The pacifier

For a baby, it’s paramount that all items remain sparkling clean as possible. The same goes for the pacifier. 

Think about it, a pacifier will probably be used at all times. Due to this, there are high chances that it can fall to dirty places. 

Therefore, ensure to always choose a pacifier that can be cleaned with ease. Ensure to go for one that can be boiled or better yet can be washed on a dishwasher. 

This way, you will be able to save energy by ensuring that the pacifier remains clean to use. 

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