The Truth About Animal Rescue Operation

Empathy and compassion for others living beings is the underlying human feeling. As humans, sensitivity towards animals and their right treatment are undoubtedly instinctive. Animal care and animal exploitation rate tend to go hand in hand. Many people are insensitive to other beings and often end up harming them physically.

Several animal rescue services and animal care center have taken a step towards the same and have continuously tried to eradicate animal insensitivity by taking care of stray wounded animals, feeding the unfed and by providing them with a shelter or a foster home. However, there are specific cruel intentions hidden behind these animal rescue operations.

 Unauthorized forensic research and investigation is made to stop

 Though the animal aid organizations have been doing a splendid job in the public eyes, the hidden side lies behind the veil. Many of these animal rescue operations have put the innocent animals in misery. They have been exploited and experimented upon. Every year, over a million animals like dogs, cats, rats, birds, and monkeys, etc. have been used and killed out of biological curiosity, experiments, chemicals, lethal drugs, and cosmetics tests.

Several new diseases and viruses are created and tested on animals in an artificial manner so as to check if they would respond similarly to the way the human body does. These are obviously proven wrong, and the experiments fail, often taking a life of an innocent. Nonetheless, several reputable animal rescue organizations are doing a commendable job in saving the lives of these creatures.

 Cruel Breeding is brought to an end

 Animals like female dogs are often bred and treated ruthlessly. They are subjected to most inhumane conditions, forcefully made to give birth, and then their puppies are snatched. Puppies are often sold to Puppy Mills or farms where they are valued till the time they are good enough to keep giving birth. Then, they are left unfed and unattended.

This is why several authentic rescue services are continuously working to put an end to growing animal abuse and cruelty. They make sure that all the rescued animals be it dog, cat or even a pig, get a good foster home and finally a happy permanent home which is ready to accept them and give them all the affection they deserve. Till then, these animals are taken care of by the rescue services.

 These organizations put a check on dairy abuse

 Animals at farms are often subjected to horrific treatment because of the greed of farm owners. Rescue organizations often have a tough time dealing with such cases and have to step in whenever someone reports such a situation. The mistreat done to the dairy animals is brought down by the efforts of these organizations and these innocent living beings get the life that they deserve.

Thus, it becomes clear that there is a need for awareness towards the ill-treatment of various animals so that people can be empathetic to them. At the same time, it is necessary to promote the work of several rescue organizations that work to eradicate these problems.

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