The top 3 things that a DNA test will tell you about your dog

The top 3 things that a DNA test will tell you about your dogEnormous strides have been made in the intriguing world of DNA testing. Not only can you identify your ancestry from a conclusive DNA test, you can also unearth the particular breed of your dog. It might sound a tad puerile to conduct a DNA test on the family pet, but it really gives you some deep insight concerning the life and health of your beloved dog. This dog dna test guide will help you understand why it’s so important to run the DNA test.

Here are the top 3 things that a DNA test will tell you about your dog:


  • Health and disease indicators


Since you’re the dog’s primary caregiver, it’s important to identify the health risks and disease prevalence linked to your dog’s particular breed. Due to decades of breeding, every dog possesses unique personality traits that are purely hereditary. Every single dog breed is at risk of contracting certain health risks that are ingrained into their DNA. This is why getting your dog’s DNA test is so important – you’re able to understands your dog’s health condition and further discuss these results with a veterinarian.

If your dog is likely to suffer from a hereditary disease such as arthritis or canine cancer, testing its DNA will help to identify any existing genetic disease mutations. This way, you’ll be entirely prepared to deal with the ensuing health issues by looking out for initial warning signs.


  • The purity of your dog’s bloodline


When someone gets a dog, the first question that pops into their mind is “what is my dog’s breed?” Most people never quite know the correct answer to this question. If your source reveals that the dog is a purebred, you will probably need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed, this information is true. After all, proof of the pudding is in the eating. Conducting a DNA test on your dog will either prove or disprove the claims that it contains purebred genes.

If your dog is a mixture of different breeds, the test will help identify the specific breed percentages making up its genes. You’ll therefore unearth whether your dog is a Cockapoo, Pug or Labrador retriever. Remember, your dog’s genes will heavily affect its physical characteristics as well as its temperament. It’s quite exciting to study your dog’s DNA test with family and friends.


  • The size of your dog


Have you always loved tiny dogs? A DNA test can tell you whether your dog will remain small and adorable or it’ll grow bigger than you expected. To most dog-lovers, the size of their cute, fully-grown dogs shouldn’t be a huge cause for worry – it simply helps them make better informed decisions concerning their furry friends’ living quarters. However, the benefits of acquiring a DNA test for your dog don’t end there. This test will also reveal an assortment of behavioral characteristics associated with your dog’s specific breed.

The process of collecting DNA samples is quick and painless. A special type of polyester swab is gently rubbed onto your dog’s inner cheek for a few seconds. Two samples are collected, in case one doesn’t contain enough DNA.

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