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The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

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As I anxiously wait for baby #4 to arrive in just a few short months, I still often find myself offer-whelmed by the amount of options out there when it comes to baby skincare and diapering! I swear the baby care aisle is one of the most intimidating places when you have to create a baby gift registry. So many questions go through your head when you are trying to decide on the products to go with. My first bit of advice to you when it comes to baby skincare and diapering is that you need to consider that your baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive and I do not recommend on just going with any old brand. You need to remember that their skin absorbs the products you put on them, so the last thing you want to place on the skin is harmful ingredients. I am a firm believer in organic skincare products and want to share with you why MADE OF is on the top of my list! 

MADE OF offers a wide variety of natural and non-toxic skincare items and all of their products are made of organic and plant derived ingredients, and they are also NON-GMO. Whether you are looking for bathing  and skincare products, diapers or cleaning supplies that are safe around baby… MADE OF is your the place to shop! Here are a few of my favorite products:

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

Organic Diaper Rash Cream: “Made because a baby’s bottom can sometimes get irritated. Prevents the redness and chapping of a diaper rash with our MADE OF Organic Diaper Rash Cream. Use with our Organic Baby Powder and Baby Disposable Diaper and Wipes. It’s a soothing blend of organic oils, like avocado and argan, combined with non-nano zinc oxide. Provides a barrier of protection against wetness causing irritation. Use each and every diaper change for a happier bottom that won’t bother your baby. “

Soothing Organic Nipple Cream: “Made because sometimes nursing mothers need specialized care to make breastfeeding easier. Extra gentle for mom and baby’s skin. Our MADE OF Soothing Organic Nipple Cream is crafted with all organic ingredients including soothing organic plant oils and butters to reduce dryness, cracking, and irritation. The latching on experience shouldn’t be a painful one. Made without allergens that may affect your baby, like soy, nuts, lanolin, or gluten.”

Calming Organic Baby Powder: “Made without toxic talc to be the powder you use on a daily basis. Our MADE OF Calming Organic Baby Powder is created with organic plant starches and oils, like argan and aloe. Prevents chapping from wetness and soothes red irritation. Keeps skin dry and protected, so that diaper rash isn’t an issue anymore.”

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

Foaming Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: “Made to be an effective and gentle baby wash. Know that when you bathe your little one, it’s not a dip in a bunch of toxic chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Simple streamlined formulas from plant based ingredients in baby personal care products that just do the job right. MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is sulfate-free, so it doesn’t strip the precious natural oils from baby’s skin that protect against irritation. A natural formula with soothing organic herbs, like chamomile and calendula, to completely cleanse and get rid of bacteria. Also helps to prevent and curb flakes from “cradle cap.”  

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

Soothing Organic Baby Wipes: “Made for a babycare on-the-go cleaning experience that’s alcohol and chemical-free. Our MADE OF Soothing Organic Wipes for Babies – Travel Pack 20 Count are saturated in organic plant based ingredients and nourishing oils to wipe away residue without striping delicate skin. Use with our Organic Diaper Rash cream and The Better Diaper for best results. Strong wipes that effectively get the job done on face, hands, and bottoms.”

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

The Better Baby Diaper: “MADE OF Better Diaper is 10-hours Leak Free Guarantee. MADE BECAUSE It’s time to take a stand against sitting around in toxins all day. That’s why these high-capacity diapers do the dirty work without dirty words like petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens. They even let you know when they’re wet. Meet the better way to keep bottoms dry.”

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting and exhausting time in your life and I am always looking for ways to make it easier during those first few months. MADE OF offers a diaper or diaper and wipes superscription that delivers right to your door, so you never have to worry about running out! Plus their subscription saves you money! Saving time and money so you can spend more time with your baby… priceless! 

The Safest & Most Transparent Baby Skincare & Diapering!

One of the biggest choices you will make when having a baby is what you decide to put on their skin! Do the research and discover the many reasons and benefits to choosing organic when it comes to your baby’s skincare and diapering products! Make sure to check out MADE OF and all of their amazing products, plus following along to see all of the great stuff they are posting on social media!


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