The Perfect Holiday Gift For Families

There is a shaved ice company that travels in a truck to local events around our state. Think of it as the infamous ice cream truck that we greatly looked forward to seeing when we were a child… except it sells shaved ice! My fours kids squeal with excitement every time they see this truck. While it is always a fun and exciting treat for them, you can only imagine how quickly it adds up when you are purchasing them for a family of six. I recently started using the Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine and we are officially hooked!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any family this Holiday season, I can not recommend this enough. This is a super easy to use and there is no major cleanup after you make the shaved ice. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream and other treats, this is truly the best option.

If you want to provide the perfect gift this holiday season, you can simply purchase America’s Favorite Shaved Ice Pack, which includes the shaved ice machine, plus three pints of shaved ice syrup. The flavors included are Cherry (the number one best-selling flavor for years), Pina Colada, and Blue Cotton Candy flavor which is a mega-hit with children of all ages.

To use the shaved ice machine, you just need to fill the ice cups halfway with water and freeze them overnight to produce small, round ice blocks. When you are ready to make the shaved ice, place the ice into the ice crusher cup. You will then lock the motor unit by placing the top back in place. Plus in the unit, make sure your ice cup is on the tray, and then proceed the press the power button. The machine will then shave the ice into a mound of soft, fluffy snow that is ready to customize with flavor! Pick your favorite flavor or mix them for an even more delightful treat! No matter how you decide to combine flavors, a shaved ice machine is always a treat that then entire family will love and enjoy!

Make sure to use code FRUGALMOMMY10 to get 10% off your order! The code is good for 10% off for one-time purchases only until the end of the year. Excludes the Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shaver, the Sno-King Snow Cone Machine, and the Little Snowie.

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