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The Orb Factory: Lava Rock Volcano Review

A special thanks to The Orb Factory for providing me with a free product to review on my blog!



Curiosity Kits® Lava Rock Volcano picture

Item Description

“Combine art and science when you design your very own Volcano and create a cool chemical reaction. Use plaster and paint to turn a domed base into a realistic Volcano. Add a tube, funnel, and squeeze bottle so you can control the size and timing of the eruptions. Create your chemical mixture with vinegar and baking soda. Add fake gravel and red coloring to make foaming lava. Perfect for science fairs or home crafting projects!”

My Review

I have always been a hands on learner and there is no better way to understand something than to recreate it. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to review the Lava Rock Volcano and couldn’t wait to get messy with the kids as we learned about volcanoes. The volcano kit was extremely easy for my children to put together and they didn’t require much of my help. It’s always frustrating when you have this great learning tool for your children, but the majority of it needs to be done by an adult. That was not the case here and I was extremely happy that my kids could have this project for themselves. As you can see from their faces in the pictures below, they were equally excited, what kid doesn’t like permission to make a mess!? The other feature of the lava kit that I am impressed with is that it doesn’t have to look nice, the kids can just slab the paper mache on the volcano and the messier they are, the more realistic it looks! This leaves a lot of room for kids to just have fun and not worry about messing anything up. The final step in creating the volcano is to paint it and wait for it to dry. Once everything dried, the kids were more than ready to see the volcano in action. Once again, viewing the pictures below, you can see that this project was made simple enough that even my three year old son could be the one to make the volcano erupt! I was all smiles as I watched my son squeeze the bottle of vinegar and giggle as the lava erupted from the top of the volcano. This is such a classic science experiment and it never gets old! The wonderful thing about the Lava Rock Volcano is that you can use it again and again! We were very satisfied with this great volcano kit and I would recommend it 100%!

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42 thoughts on “The Orb Factory: Lava Rock Volcano Review

  1. My Daughter would love a project like this. I love that it’s all there for you and you don’t have to scramble for parts like all those pinterest finds.

  2. I love that this is an all inclusive project; not only do the kids get to create a life like volacanic reaction, they also get to color/decorate the volcano itself. My kiddos would get a big kick out of this AND learn things in the process!

  3. Oh my stars. This is really cool! My kids would have a blast with this… literally! My Son would go crazy with this… Hubby would love it too, lol. I like that it is kid friendly, they can do it themselves like they want to do everything else. Thank you for your awesome review.

  4. Oh my gosh my daughter would SO get a kick out of this! She couldn’t do it by herself because she is developmentally disabled but she would LOVE the way it comes out! 😀

  5. The kids love making things that can do something special and this does making a volcano is fun we did it too in school before.

  6. We’ve been using baking soda and vinegar to make volcanos and then I come across this great review which would make a great Christmas gift for my grandson

  7. My kids would love this. Kids love creating and experimenting. We just need a little help with the content, right?

  8. What a great learning tool! I love that this product is teaching children so many hands on lessons without them even realizing that they are learning.

  9. My kids always get excited science fair project time….volcanoes are soo cool, even as an adult I love doing them 😀

  10. I would love to have had this product when my son was growing up. It’s a nice way to keep kids occupied while learning about Volcano’s.

  11. My daughter loves vinegar and baking soda experiments and this looks like a fun way to that while also learning about volcanic eruptions.

  12. How fun, educational, and love that you can re-use it. Perfect for the curious kiddos. I was thinking that even though its done a lot to do a volcano when our son one day has his first science project. I have always wanted to do one of these. Brings out the kid in all of this, not to mention its one of those things that is okay to get messy with.

  13. This educational product would excite my son in all new ways!! He loves making messes, so this would be perfect!!

  14. This looks so fun! We tried to make a volcano on our own one time…..needless to say, I was cleaning random spots for the next month. I’d love to try this kit out!

  15. This looks a lot easier than trying to build one from scratch. I think the best part is that it is reusable, too.

  16. This looks so fun! I’m so glad that the kids were able to put it together themselves. That makes it even more fun for them.

  17. LAVA looks fun! My kids would love this for the holidays. Thanks for reminding me to think about science projects as gifts this season!

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