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The Indestructables Book: Eco-friendly Book Review

A special thanks to for providing me with an amazing free book to review that my children can not destroy!


What are the Indestructables Books all about?

“Indestructibles are printed on a synthetic material made  from flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers (getting technical here, we know). It feels like paper, but liquid water cannot pass through it and it is very difficult to tearf”

A few important features:

  • tear-resistant : made of ultra-durable tightwoven material
  • waterproof: can be chewed on, sucked on, and washed
  • safe for baby – meets ASTM safety standards
  • BPA and phthalate-free

I remember, during the months my little ones were teething, they always preferred to chew away at books to help soothe their soar gums. I have had to throw away many books that ultimately became their favorite “teething toys.” My first child was a lover of books and treated them delitcally from a very young age. Then came baby number two, my destructive and energetic son that would rather tear away the pages and make paper airplanes than read it. We quickly learned that any book with paper pages had to be put up high on the books shelf and never left alone with him! There are still the board books that we would keep out for him, but any mother of a destructive toddler will tell you that they can still manage to dismantle those as well. So when I discovered that there was a book out there that was chew proof, tear proof and 100% washable, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Was there really a book out there that my son could not destroy? I admit that I was a little in disbelief and predicted that my son would find the weak spot of this book and quickly destroy it! But to my surprise, there was nothing he could do that caused permanent damage to the book. I was shocked and amazed… relieved that I could finally allow him to explore a book without the worry of it ending up in a dozen pieces. This book is perfect and will undoubtedly last for many years to come!


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24 thoughts on “The Indestructables Book: Eco-friendly Book Review

  1. We have some teether books as well. I was too sentimental to toss them, I want to do something with a shadow box with them. But how great would it be to have teether books and still use them?!! Wait, now we can! And it’s comforting to know it’s a product safe to (and made to) be in baby’s mouth!

  2. these are great for kids whom want to hold the book at first then taste it second.

  3. They should make all childrens books like this lol. Doesnt rip, tear, etc.? Waterproof? Yes. Its such a pet peeve of mine to see books destroyed.

  4. We have these books and absolutely adore them! Had I known how great they were when we bought them I would have bought more than the 2 I purchased.

  5. These books are so neat. I plan to show them to my daughter. She is re doing our church nursery and they would be easy to wipe after each use.

  6. I am glad that they came out with indestructable books and safe now because all my kids loved to chew on books when they were younger!!

  7. I am on a mission to find unique high quality items for Operation Christmas Child. These books would be a perfect addition because they would last a child a long time. In addition, I love that the characters are from different cultures.

  8. These almost sound too good to be true but I have a couple of them and they are absolutely everything they claim to be! Love them!

  9. I have a grandson that is only a few months old and is drooling now. These Indestructable Books would be perfect for him in his growing years. Wouldn’t have to worry about him destroying the book.

  10. The first time my daughter introduced a book to my granddaughter, she ripped it and chewed on it. Fast forward to 19 months and she is still chewing and destroying them. She loves books, but they are also her favorite when teething. These books look like just the right thing for her. She can enjoy the books she loves and mom and gramma don’t have to worry about replacing them so often.
    Beautiful baby in your video, thank you for including the video in your review!

  11. I’ve been wanting one of these for my baby for a while now. My children love books and she’s no exception.

  12. Awesome. I don’t know how many a book got destroyed when we were kids. My niece just loves to be read to. These are perfect for her.

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