The Importance of Proper Oral Hygeine

Good oral health habits extend far beyond the health of your teeth. Your oral health is directly connected to your overall health, and it is important to take good care of your teeth. Your mouth is home to many different types of bacteria, and that is normal. With regular brushing and flossing, these bacteria stay at a manageable level, but without the proper oral care, they can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and many other oral infections. However, even if you take great care of your teeth, you may still need to see your Dentist In Flint. If you’re in Lehi, UT, for example, Canyon Crest Dental implants may be the perfect option for you. 

You Need Saliva

Saliva is an important component in your mouth and helps to not only wash food bits away but also helps to neutralize acids in the mouth as well. When you take certain medications, such as painkillers or decongestants, the amount of saliva that is produced is drastically reduced and can allow a healthy amount of bacteria to get out of control. Too much bacteria in the mouth is a bad thing and has been linked to many diseases. Periodontitis is a very advanced form of gum disease and has been linked to certain diseases. If you have a lowered immune system, you will be more prone to oral health issues and diseases such as endocarditis and cardiovascular disease. It has also been linked to low birth weight and premature birth if the pregnant mother has periodontitis.

When You Should See Your Dentist

You’ll usually know when it is time to go to the dentist. You may have a sensitive tooth, or you may even need to go in if you knock a tooth out or have another sort of emergency such as a chipped tooth. You may have jaw pain or it may hurt to chew food.

Prevention is the Best Method

The best way to avoid issues with your health is to brush regularly. This means twice every day with a fluoride toothpaste. You also need to floss daily and to eat a diet full of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables with sweets in moderation. Get your teeth checked regularly as well as cleaned and get a new toothbrush every three to four months. It is also important to refrain from smoking. If you have little ones, you also want to make sure that they get into the habit of brushing their teeth at an early age as well.

See Your Dentist Right Away

Many people put off going to the dentist simply because they don’t want to go or maybe it’s too hard to squeeze it into a busy schedule. It is important to see a dentist if you have any issues sooner than later. If you see your dentist as soon as you have any issues with your teeth, you will be avoiding a bigger problem because the longer that you wait, the more time the issue has to worsen. Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist and is a lifelong fear that started when they were children.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

It can also be embarrassing if your teeth are in bad shape and you may be thinking that everyone at the dentist office is judging you for not taking better care of your teeth. But the truth is that there is no judgment and your dentist has probably seen it all. It can feel somewhat invasive to have someone looking into your mouth, but the main thing is that you keep your teeth taken care of. If you don’t, you will end up in much worse shape, and you will most likely need not only dental care but medical care as well. This means more trips to the dentist and your doctor. It also means that you will have a bigger bill to contend with when all is said and done. Having a smile that you are proud of can be a real confidence booster. It doesn’t take much to get one. You just need to spend a few minutes brushing and flossing each day and keeping up on all of your dental checkups and cleanings.

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