How To Encourage Good Dental Care With Your Little Ones

I don’t think good dental hygiene is considered important until you get into adulthood. Then we wonder why we spent all those years dodging the toothbrush. Who wouldn’t want to clean their teeth in a morning? Kids certainly don’t. Even teenagers will avoid it if they have to. But it is essential to encourage good dental care from a young age. To ensure those teeth stay pearly white. We certainly promote a healthy lifestyle. So I thought I would share with you a few ways you can do that.

Let them pick a toothbrush

Keeping them involved is one of the ways you will master the art of getting them to brush their teeth. Allowing them to pick their toothbrush is a great place to start. They may pick something brightly colored, or a cartoon character printed on it. But they will have picked it. So psychologically they will be happy to use it. They will want to brush their teeth with their fancy new brush.

Make it fun

It can be a bit of a mundane task. Especially if you spend what feels like hours asking and telling your kids just to brush them. So try and make the ordeal fun for them. I’ve heard parents making up a song. Or even using a special app on a tablet that times how long they do it for. Maybe, if you have more than one, you could make it a little competitive. Maybe the one who has the brightest teeth wins a prize at the end of the week. Accept, they both win.



Keep up with regular check ups

A dentist is one thing that a child can be scared of. I think this may be down to how often you visit one. Regular check ups are important to ensure good dental health. But they can also make a child more relaxed in the environment.

If there is an emergency

Sometimes, no matter how much we encourage them to look after their teeth, accidents do happen. But the best thing you can do is seek attention for it as soon as possible. Companies like 24 Hourly Dentist can help you find a  Dentist In Boynton Beach as soon as possible. 

Make good dental care part of the routine

Making the tooth brushing part of your morning and evening routine is the only way to encourage regular dental hygiene. Your child will then begin to realize that it’s just part and parcel of getting up and going to bed. They will see that it’s important and no they won’t be able to get away with not doing it.

Don’t give in

It will take some time to encourage your kids to brush their teeth. It will take you asking and telling for some time. But don’t give in on odd days. That way your children will see the task as unimportant and less likely to keep it up.

I hope this guide helps you to encourage good dental hygiene with your kids. If you can make the simple task fun, then you are halfway there to succeeding.


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