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The Baby Box Company (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to The Baby Box Company for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their service for free in exchange for an honest review!


About the Baby Box Company

The Baby Box Co.’s mission is to give expectant mothers throughout the world the very best start for their babies, enabling them to reduce stress and feel confident that they are well prepared (or, as well prepared as one can possibly be) for this new and exciting chapter in their life. For every box that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping a new mother who is struggling to make ends meet. It’s a priority for us to know that our company is providing shoppers with the best baby products available while simultaneously making a positive difference for moms living in poverty.”  


My Review

As a new mother it can be quite overwhelming and confusing trying to decide which items you need for your newborn baby. I remember being in such a panic a few months prior to giving birth to my first, so extremely worried that I didn’t have everything I needed. With so many products on the market and hundreds of ads/magazines telling you that you absolutely need that product, it can become a very stressful time towards the end of your pregnancy. I was just at my 33 week checkup last week and found myself shocked at the giant list the office provided of items that you should have ready at home for the new baby. All I could think was how intimidating that list would be to first time expectant moms and how easily they may find themselves purchasing far more than they actually need. Because in actuality, 50% of the items on that list were not necessities, most of it being products that you could certainly purchase after baby is born and you get to know their preferences. So where is a first time exectant mom to go for an honest and true account of what she will actually need for her new baby? Well my new mommies, I am here today to introduce you to an amazing website called The Baby Box Company and they are not in the market to sell you stuff you don’t need!


The basic girl box that I received for review literally has exactly what you will need for your new baby… nothing more, nothing less. I know we tend to get caught up on all the adorable outfits that we just can’t wait to show baby off in. But I am telling you right now, that baby is going to poop and pee so many times a day that you will give up on outfits all together and the onesie will become your new best friend! A muslin swaddle is something you will absolutely want because that baby is going to want to be swaddled up tight and there is nothing out there more safe and breathable than a muslin swaddle. Whether you are for or against pacifiers, there will come a time in the middle of the night that you are so exhausted and desperate for sleep and that will be so thankful to have those pacifiers ready. The pacifiers in this box are actually the ones they provide for you in the hospital and you are going to be surprised how much newborn babies love them. The healthcare kit is undoubtedly a must have and it contains all the grooming and medical supplies needed for a newborn. Socks, washcloths, mittens, hats and a lovey are those simple little items that are always best to have around. Diapers… well you will discover soon enough the importance of those and they should basically be all you ask for from friends and family. I was so happy to see that the box did such a fantastic job summing up the major items you will need at home right away when baby is born.

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My most favorite item received from The Baby Box Company is hands down… The Bed Box! Aside from the fact that it is completely covered in adorable owls, it is also very sturdy and well made. So what is the bed box exactly? Well here is what the company has to say:

“The Bed Box serves primarily as a safe, comfortable place for infants to sleep, similar to a bassinet. An ideal spot for the box is on the floor right next to the parents’ bed. Some parents prefer keeping their Bed Box in the living room or dining area so that their baby can relax nearby while the parents are busy with chores, meals, and so on. Finally, once the baby has outgrown the box, it can be re-purposed (unlike a bassinet) as a toy box or storage container perfect for storing all of the clothes that the baby has also outgrown.”

Seriously, how adorable and inventive is that!? Now I used mosses baskets for both my children and they loved them far more than anything else. Of course it was just another item the baby quickly outgrew and I had to donate. Unlike the baby furniture that is useless once baby outgrows it, this baby box can be used for many more years! I am currently storing all of baby #3’s blankets in it until she is born and I was so delighted to have my closet space back. I was able to neatly organize and store blankets, towels and washcloths for the new baby and they no longer consume most of the shelves in the closet. The bed box also comes with a fitted mattress, waterproof cover and 100% cotton sheet which provides a comfortable and convenient little place for baby to rest in during the day. I just love the concept of this box and am so happy to have discovered it! Overall I was very pleased with the box and it contents, I love the companies honest approach to inform and provide you with only the must have necessities for your new baby. Everything included was either name brand items and/or high quality products, not a single cheap or poor quality item in sight! They have a great selection of boxes to choose from and I encourage you to visit The Baby Company today to view them!



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6 thoughts on “The Baby Box Company (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. I bought one and it was more expensive than they are now. I really enjoyed some of the products that came in the box, for instance the baby safety kit. Though in just a few weeks the box fell apart and needed to be taped up, continuously. This was really sad because I was hoping to store some keepsakes for memory and for him later in life.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you are having problems with the box Caerissa! Have you tried contacting The Baby Box Company customer service in regards to the issues you’ve been having? I use my box to store all of my baby’s clothes and am constantly pulling it on and off the self… haven’t had any issues with it falling apart, so it sounds like maybe you received a defective one? I would definitely get in contact with them, please let me know if you do and if they were helpful!

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