The 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt and Not Shop

Your kids want a pet! Let them have one! Why? Pet care gives your child the opportunity to learn virtues like responsibility, care and patience while tending to a pet. A pet can also improve your child’s physical and emotional health. But don’t run out to the pet store! Consider adopting a pet from a local animal shelter.

Here’s why.

Be a Good Example to Your Kids

You want your kids to learn that an animal is a friend for life, not a toy. Puppy and kitten mills turn out thousands of unfortunate animals every year. That’s not even mentioning the abused animals caged up for the purpose of bearing said the puppies and kittens. Instead of supporting these horrors, go to a shelter where you’ll be introduced to the pet that’s just right for you and your family. Let everyone in your extended family in on what you’re doing. Encourage them to adopt too. Many innocent animals would thank you!

Animal overpopulation is a very serious issue. If you adopt a pet, you leave the shelter able to take in another homeless animal. Your fee will go towards the maintenance of the shelter as well as care of the animals. See to it that Fluffy or Rags gets fixed so you won’t wind up contributing to overpopulation yourself!

It Saves Money

The adoption fee not only goes to a worthy cause but it is much less than what a store or breeder charges. You’ll save on vet bills too. Opposing what some may think, shelter animals can actually be healthier than bred animals. Additionally, mixed breeds tend to be more long-lived and healthier than purebreds. Should you experience some issues with your new friend, the people at the shelter will be pleased to give you some tips on how to make things more palatable for both you and your fuzzy friend. That’s just something money can’t buy!

What Needs to be Said?

Your child is unique, but of course you know that. Your child should have a pet who is also special. If you think your child is ready for the responsibilities of a pet, take a family trip to a local shelter. Let everyone get acquainted the new pal they’ll be taking home. Ask the volunteers if they have any animals suited to a home with children. They will take you to a room full of fuzzy buddies looking for a home like yours. Allow your kids to touch, pet and play with several animals. Remind them to be gentle! It could take another visit for you find the one that’s ideal for your family. Feel free to take your time.

If the animal is happy, that means your kids will be happy. And you will be happy too! If you would like to know more about pet adoption, please take a few minutes to look over this inforgraphic.

The 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt and Not Shop

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