Taking Care of Your Family’s Health: 8 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Purify the Water Before Drinking It

Our water quality is deteriorating. With the current government axing regulations on what our businesses can dump into our water and air, there is no telling how it will impact our health.

Backpackers and back-country travelers have long understood the importance of purifying water before they drink it but now more families are turning to home purification systems to enhance their water quality and remove any potentially dangerous chemicals. These are eight important reasons why you should purify your water before drinking it. For water filters on the go, try these options.

Boiling Water Doesn’t Get Everything Out

Campers and survivalists often champion the benefits of boiling water to remove impurities. However, boiling alone cannot remove all the harmful contaminants that may be lurking in your drinking water.

Boiling the water will kill bacteria and viruses but it cannot remove chemicals, pesticides or non-dissolved solids. For this, you need to purify the water.

Protects Your Children’s Immune System Development

Drinking water contaminated with pesticides like Atrazine or DDT damages the human immune system and endocrine system. It is particularly dangerous for children, whose immune systems may not have fully developed.


High chlorine levels in our water supply can lead to a host of issues when drunk and bathed in. It can cause damage to your hair, skin and lungs when bathed in and consumed and should be eliminated from drinking water supplies.


Many communities use fluoride to treat their water. However, it has been proven to contribute to tooth decay and other health issues when ingested in large quantities.


Chloramines are formed when chlorine reacts with ammonia in the water supply. These compounds do more damage than chlorine alone. They are so corrosive they even damage copper piping in people’s homes. Many municipalities report the presence of chloramines in their water, leading to grave concerns over residents’ health.

Contaminants Have Been Linked to Birth Defects

Drinking unclean tap water when pregnant is particularly dangerous. Many of the pesticides and chemicals that have been found in our water sources are known to contribute to birth defects.

Bottled Water Is Not a Sustainable Alternative

Firstly, according to the EPA, bottled water is no safer than the water that comes out of your faucet. But besides that, bottled water is not a sustainable alternative to purification. Three liters of water are used in the manufacturing of one liter of bottled water and around 66% of plastic water bottles end up in the ocean. There is no reason why anyone should be using bottled water as an alternative to purification.

Chemically Treated Sewerage

In some districts, the water that flows into our homes for drinking and bathing is nothing more than chemically-treated raw sewerage. Is this the quality of water you want to drink? To give to your family to drink?

The best way to combat many of these health concerns associated with contaminated drink water is by purifying you and your family’s drinking water to remove any and all harmful contaminants.

One thought on “Taking Care of Your Family’s Health: 8 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Purify the Water Before Drinking It

  1. Thanks for warning me that my hair, skin, and lungs might be badly damaged by chlorine if we wouldn’t filter our drinking water. I noticed that there’s a weird taste yesterday and since I’m afraid that I’d get sick sooner or later, it would be better to fix this immediately. I hope that installing a water treatment system for our home can prevent us from getting diseases.

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