Practical Tips on Attracting Customers to Your Online Store

We talked about different ways moms can start a business here on Miss Frugal Mommy. We also covered a lot of tips and tricks on getting the business rolling, especially for moms with a limited budget and not enough time to handle everything themselves. Thanks to the internet and ecommerce, it is much easier to set up a storefront; you can even start selling products in minutes.

However, starting your own online store is just the beginning. The next big challenge is attracting potential customers to the store and generating sales. There are several practical tips you can use to get started when it comes to customer success.


Before you start promoting your new online store, create a Blog section and start writing articles that viewers will find useful. Blogging is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your new site, especially when you have great content to share.

Blogging is something you can do yourself. Simply come up with ideas for articles that relate well with both the audience and the products and services you’re trying to sell. If you’re selling handmade baby accessories, for example, you can blog about parenting, kids’ fashion, and other related topics.

Post several articles – 3 to 5 is the number to aim for – just so the blog section of your site has enough content for the viewers to enjoy. Once you have several articles in place, start sharing those articles on social media and online forums.


At some point, you have to start doing digital marketing. If you work with an experienced web design company, you already have an ecommerce site that is optimized for online marketing. Top companies such as Eventige will even help you with marketing your site, especially in the beginning.

Optimizing your site for search engines is a great way to generate traffic. We’re used to searching for the information we need using Google. In fact, over 70% of today’s internet visitors start their online journey by opening a search engine. It won’t be long before potential customers start finding your site when searching for the products you sell or topics you’ve written about in your blog.

You should also optimize the site for social media. People love to share the interesting contents they find on the internet, so they will also share the articles – and even the product pages – on your site, attracting more potential customers in the process.


Don’t hesitate to promote your site. You want to be subtle about getting the word about your new online store out, but you should never shy away from opportunities to promote the site in the first place.

Post links to your site on social media. Let colleagues and relatives know about your new online business by telling them personally (or through messaging apps). You can even place ads; online ads are incredibly affordable and well worth the investment.

Combined, these three tips will attract a lot of visitors – potential customers – to your site. Soon, you’ll start generating sales and banking revenue from your new online business. The rest is easy from there.

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