Surprising Careers Where Women are Edging Out Men

We’ve heard about the gender gap and the pay gap, but recently, more and more females rise to the challenge to break into traditionally male-dominated careers. Instead of Rosie the Riveter, our heroines now come in the form of Wonder Women (present-day version), Captain Marvel, and outspoken female CEOs to show young women that we too can be superheroes or any other profession we want.

If you need a dose of female empowerment, check out these fields where females are beginning to eclipse males.

Farming and Agriculture

Last year, Britain-elected Minette Batters its first female president of the National Farmer’s Union in 110 years, according to the Financial Times. It’s not just England, worldwide, more and more females are entering the world of agriculture.

The USDA reported there are nearly 970,000 female farmers in the U.S. (a number that’s tripled in the past three decades). American women farm more than 300 million acres and provide an economic impact of $12.9 billion, annually. In fact, CNBC recently reported that female farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers earn 13.6 percent more than their male counterparts.

Online Gaming

The tides have turned for online gamers, once a male-dominated hobby, gaming is now a full-fledged career, with a rising number of women. A recent survey showed that 55 percent of avid gamers are women, and 53 percent of those ladies plan to pursue gaming as a career. Popular pro female gamers have millions of followers, and also make millions of dollars in sponsorships.

The gaming industry understands the value of its female consumers (soon to be professionals). Another study showed that 63 percent of mobile-specific gamers are women. The ladies are willing to play and pay more for mobile gaming. According to industry insiders, males are considered 31 percent less valuable than women in the mobile gaming market.

Technical Writing

While the technology industry as a whole might still be predominantly male, women represent 58.2 percent of the technical writers, according to USA Today. Women in tech, especially writers, are vocal about their presence. When the Los Angeles Review of Books released a tech issue, with 13 of its 14 chapters written by men, the female tech industry led a public outcry to point out this glaring and embarrassing oversight — the pen is mightier than the sword, indeed.


For the 2017-2018 academic year, the American Optometric Association reported that there were 4,830 females and 2,294 males enrolled as full-time doctor of optometry students at U.S. schools and colleges. There are still more practicing male doctors of optometry, but as the student numbers show, that’s quickly changing. As for related jobs in the field, according to the previously mentioned USA Today article, women account for 71 percent of professional opticians (the person who fits you for eyeglasses).

Women Still Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

While it’s certainly uplifting to see women take hold of what was once considered a man’s job, our fight isn’t over. The New York Times recently reported that when women enter male-dominated fields, salaries tend to decrease. That’s why it’s imperative that we continue to fight for equal pay, and teach our daughters about Women Pioneers who are leading the way to equalize our workforce.

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