6 tips of wearing a saree during pregnancy

Many women face the dilemma of whether to drop the favorite saree attire during pregnancy or continue using them. The belly bump and addition in weight are some of the factors that make some women consider wearing other maternity outfits.

During pregnancy, the most important aspect you should not compromise is your comfort. This affects both your health and that of your child. Some women also have concerns about the petticoat being too tight on the belly. Fortunately, you can address such concerns and remain comfortable in a saree during the nine months of pregnancy.

Sarees tend to expose some parts of the skin. They, therefore, allow you to take great care of the skin to enhance skin health during the prenatal period. We will share some tips on how you can remain comfortable wearing a saree during pregnancy. Find out more!

How should you wear a saree during pregnancy?

Choose light fabrics

6 tips of wearing a saree during pregnancy

The material that you select for your saree affects how comfortable you are especially during pregnancy. The stage comes with the fluctuation of hormones which affect your body temperature. That is why you should choose light fabrics that are breathable to avoid excessive sweating.

Cool cotton fabric is a light fabric that is lightweight and ideal for pregnant ladies. You can also try georgette or chiffon fabrics which come with small prints and thin borders to flatter your body well. Try to avoid synthetic material or crepes since they have a habit of entangling in the legs. This can make you uncomfortable especially when your belly is big.

Light fabrics are airy, and they can keep you relaxed even when you are wearing numerous folds. You should also try to avoid choosing sarees that come with heavy embroidery since they can make your skin feel itchy during pregnancy and also weigh you down. Rough fabrics are also unhealthy during this phase since they can cause skin rashes.

Avoid concealing your weight

During the second trimester, you may likely add some extra pounds. You should try and accept the changes in your body so that you don’t reveal any discomfort about your appearance. Areas such as the waist, hips, and neck are bound to gain pounds.

You can balance your appearance by putting on loose sarees and blouses which show that you are comfortable with the changes. Ensure that your sarees come in loose sleeves and decide whether you are comfortable with showing or covering your belly bump.

Do a trial run

Are you planning to attend an event while pregnant? A trial run can help you choose the right saree for the occasion. It also allows you to test if you are comfortable in the outfit that you select. Wear the outfit around your house and change positions such as sitting and walking to ascertain that the saree feels comfortable to wear at the event the whole day. This way, you can eliminate any attire that feels too tight on your belly such as a tight petticoat.

Use a belly band

6 tips of wearing a saree during pregnancy

Belly bands come from stretchy material that fastens your baby bump for the safety of your baby. Ensure that you can secure the stretchable material of your belly band at the back. Try to find a belly band which matches the color of your saree so that it covers your belly bump as well as tuck your saree easily. This prevents your skin from developing unpleasant marks. Avoid wearing any tight string around your belly since it can affect your baby.

Drape the saree

Saree draping makes your outfit look different every time especially with a belly bump. Drape your saree such that the pleats travel across your bump. The draping style that you choose should be both comfortable and loose.

6 tips of wearing a saree during pregnancy

The Bengali style is an exciting traditional option which is comfortable and loose. It is easy to drape this style since it uses folds and has minimal pleating. You can get an elegant saree from Stylecaret and drape it in this style.

If you are not ready to reveal your belly, you can use the Gujarati style to conceal it. This style lets you camouflage your belly easily using the pallu. You can also combine the style with a long blouse which flows to your midriff.

The Corgi style also allows you to conceal your belly. It is an easy style of draping your saree during pregnancy. You have to drape your saree across your upper body and tuck the pallu over your shoulder. The corgi style is also comfortable during pregnancy.

Your saree should only come to the ankle level since you mostly wear flat shoes and not heels during pregnancy. Flats also eliminate the risk of entanglement. You can also tie the saree below your belly if you are comfortable with showing your belly bump. This draping style prevents the petticoat’s string from biting into your bump.

Get help from someone else to help you with the draping so that the pleats are perfect. They can also help you pin the pleats eliminating any worries of any part falling apart as you move.

During the first months, some women are not ready to reveal their belly bump. A long blouse such as the choli-blouse covers the midriff so that your belly does not show so much. You can choose a full-length blouse or one that has short sleeves as per your taste. Ensure that the blouse does not cling on your belly tightly especially when you sit down. It should be comfortable enough giving enough room for you to relax.

Final thoughts

Pregnancy should not limit your options when it comes to the outfit to choose. If you are a fan of sarees, you can still wear them comfortably during the phase. You only need to ensure that you choose the right material and experiment on the most comfortable draping styles. Use this chance to identify unique pregnancy styles using various sarees.

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