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Supporting the Back to Work Breastfeeding Transition


From the moment you learn you are pregnant, you know nothing will ever, or could ever, be the same. As you begin your journey to motherhood, you will face a lot of transitions. For some, that will mean learning how to balance motherhood and a career. Planning ahead for the transition to working mom – especially if you have decided to breastfeed your baby – can help you be successful. Here are some back to work transition tips for breastfeeding working mothers from Medela:

 Get covered:

Insurance companies are now required to provide moms with a $0 co-pay breastpump. Check with your insurance provider to learn what pumps are covered under your plan. You can find out more about your insurance coverage here.

 Find out what your employer offers:

Before your maternity leave, find out where at work you will be able to pump, what it looks like, and what supplies are available to you. This will allow you to be fully prepared on your first day back at work. If you’re working from home, plan where you will set up a comfortable space with everything you need on-hand.

 Have your supplies in order:

Consider adding a compact, double-electric breastpump to your baby registry! Keeping a second, portable pump at work can eliminate “the pump schlep” and the fear of forgetting crucial pump parts. Also think about what accessories may make pumping, cleaning and storing breastmilk easier, like the Easy Expression breastfeeding bra for hands-free pumping, extra tubing and breastpump parts, supplies that make clean-up easier, and a storage cooler with ice packs to preserve your milk when on the go.

 Want more advice or have advice to share? Medela has a dedicated resource hub for working moms, featuring everything you need to know to support your breastfeeding journey  at



23 thoughts on “Supporting the Back to Work Breastfeeding Transition

  1. Breast pumps have changed so much since the last time that I pumped my breast (24 years ago.)
    I remember having to pump my breast during my lunch break. It wasn’t electric so, it took awhile. All this for a baby who refused to ever take the bottle. I kept trying though. She wanted to wait till I got done with work…

  2. I just learned that insurance company could help you cover by getting a breastpump, and also before going to work, let your worker know about breastpumping when needed

  3. I like that this suggests to find a spot to pump before you even go a on leave. That way when you get back there is no confusion of what to expect.

  4. Most insurance companies will cover pumps however not all of them do! And unfortunately not all cover Medela (though they should–best one out there in my opinion)

  5. Thanks for reminding all mamas, like myself, that insurance may cover our breastpump. This is a huge help for mom’s like me, who could barely afford it and this is a huge help that i’m glad now insurance companies are offering. 🙂

  6. The point about having a second pump at work is super smart. I’ve always just assumed I would carry my pump back and forth, but if I could have another to keep at work, that would be genius!

  7. The fact about insurance being required to provide a pump is not as good as you make it sound. I just had a baby and my insurance informed me that all that they are required to provide is $28 towards the purchase of a hand pump. The decent hand pumps are more than that and that will only cover a tiny portion of the electric that I need. It’s really frustrating.

  8. As a flight attendant, it was tough to find suitable places to pump. This next time around, I’m going to plan for less flying and more pumping! Thanks for making it easier to travel, Medela!

  9. I learned that I should have a second pump. One for home and one for work to avoid forgetting anything.

  10. I Didn’t even think about asking my boss where I was going to be able to pump when i decide to go back to work!! Great advice so busy thinking about everything else.

  11. Breastfeeding helps develop proper dental alignment, makes complete sense. Just another reason to Love BF 🙂

  12. I love that this post talks about knowing your rights and what your work will offer you. My work recently had to think about how to accommodate pumping moms, so I’m feeling pretty confident for when I come back after baby.

  13. To talk with your employer about a place to pump and store your milk while you are at work before you go on leave.

  14. I did not know that insurance companies are now required to provide moms with a zero dollar co-pay breast pump. That’s frickin awesome.

  15. The most helpful tip for me was that insurance companies are required to provide a breast pump for no copay. That’s awesome and I didn’t realize that.

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