Storage Tips: How to Keep Your Medical Marijuana Fresh

If you decide to use medical marijuana, you need to know how to use it correctly. Apart from knowing the correct strain and dosage, you need to learn about proper storage. It is important to understand that keeping your cannabis fresh will help to protect its flavor and potency. Poor storage can cause the product to spoil. To get the best results from your medical marijuana in Washington DC, you need to understand the best storage methods. On average, properly stored cannabis can last a couple of years.

Keep It Away From Light

Ideally, the best place to store marijuana is in a cellar, basement, or any other dark place. Light, especially sunlight, can affect marijuana quality. UV rays cause the breakdown of organic matter over time. This degrades the cannabinoids, reducing the product’s potency.

The UV issue is the main factor why the product is usually sold in colored glass containers. A dark drawer can be a good place to store your medicine. Using a dark glass jar for storage is a good idea.

Keep It Cool but Not Too Cold

Heat will greatly damage your medical marijuana in Washington DC. Temperatures that are higher than 70 degrees can lead to the growth of mildew. Heat causes the flowers to dry out, leaving the product damaged. Make sure that you store the product below room temperature.

There are those who believe that storing cannabis in the fridge will keep it fresh for long. The fact is that fluctuating temperatures can degrade the herb causing the growth of bacteria. Cold temperatures suck out the moisture damaging the product.

Limiting Oxygen Exposure

High-quality medical marijuana has gone through a rigorous curing process with carefully controlled oxygen exposure. This means that the final product is ready to use with the correct cannabinoid content. The best way to store the product is to minimize any exposure to air. This will help to maintain freshness. An airtight container or glass jar with a firm seal will do the trick. Fill the container but avoid stuffing it to allow a little breathing space.

Avoid Over-Handling

Too much handling or touching is not good for your product. Handling the marijuana too much will cause the trichomes to break off. The sticky trichomes tend to cling to the hands every time you touch the dried flower. This has an impact on the integrity of the plant, and you end up with a shake. You should open the jar only when you are ready to use the marijuana.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Many patients use plastic bags to store their medicine. This may be a convenient option, but it is not necessarily the best thing for your medical marijuana in Washington DC. Plastic bags can affect the freshness of the product for a number of reasons. They encourage the buildup of moisture, and they can let in light and heat. Plastic bags can also cause static that can break up the product, thereby shrinking the supply. Plastic contains harmful or harsh inhales.

Like with all medication, you need to store your medical marijuana away from children. Kids, especially teenagers, tend to be very curious, and the last thing you need is your kids “sampling” your product. Follow the same precautions that you use for storing harmful chemicals and other prescription drugs.


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  1. I want to keep my medical marijuana fresh and I used plastic bag for keeping medical marijuana fresh. But few days later I noticed that after using this plastic bag damaged the medical marijuana. Then I was searching the solution on internet and reading your article. After reading your article I have applied your strategy to keep my medical marijuana fresh and got the best results. Thanks for sharing this excellent method!

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