6 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

Let’s face it, this year has been hard on everyone, especially the little ones. Dealing with a pandemic, being stuck inside for long periods of time, and having to go to school online is something nobody expected. It’s a credit to their teachers that so many kids were able to make it through more or less educationally unscathed. Keeping kids engaged in school is hard enough in person, but to do so online is almost impossible.

And now, with restrictions lifting and students being allowed back in school, your child’s teacher has to adapt on the fly and change up their schedule once again. So show your appreciation for your teachers and make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week one that they will remember.

A class thank you

One of the cuter things to come out of online classrooms are class messages. See if you can’t coordinate with the other students and parents in the class and assign everyone a letter. Then when your teacher logs on they will see the letters instead of the faces. Spelling out something easy like “We appreciate you!” Is simple enough, yet will tug at your teacher’s heart strings.

A gift of flowers

Flowers are always a great way to show someone you care. Teacher appreciation flowers are carefully curated with happy, colorful flowers to convey your gratitude. Whatever flower arrangement you choose, your teacher will be sure to enjoy them and really feel like you appreciate them. 

A gift card

A gift card is always a well-liked gift. It’s useful, but doesn’t require the stress and time it takes to pick out a physical gift. If you aren’t sure what a good gift card would be for a teacher, there aren’t many of them out there who don’t appreciate a good cup of joe. Why not do two beneficial things at once and give them a card from a local coffee shop. Be aware that since it’s more difficult to meet face to face, you may have to email them the teacher their gift.

Write them a letter

A handwritten letter by you or your child can make your teachers day. It gives them something permanent to hold on, and it shows that you are willing to take the time out of your day to show them how much you really care. Being a teacher is often a thankless job, so by giving them a letter you are proving how much you appreciate them. If your child writes it, they may soon find themselves with a pen-pal that they can write to for life.

Make them a video

While this type of gift might take some technical skills, it is going to be something that gives your teacher a reason to remember this classroom forever. Coordinate if you can with the other parents and have them send you photos or videos of their children learning or enjoying their class. After you edit them all together (probably with the help of video editing software) you will be giving your teacher something that truly shows them how much you care.

Gift them a book

This can be a book personally for the teacher to enjoy, or a book that the teacher can share with the class in the future. Either option is equally valid, and both are great gifts for your teacher.

These 6 ideas are just a few of the ways you can show how much you appreciate your child’s teacher. You can even combine them to make a grand gesture for a group gift. Even though they weren’t able to teach your kid face to face, know that they still did their best to make sure their education was a top priority.

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