Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner

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Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend

About Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner

“With Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, less is more! The auto-stop cap means you’ll get the right amount of product each time, while the new formula ensures that each drop packs a lot of muscle to remove even the toughest stains with much less elbow grease is needed. And, we all know less time cleaning equals more free time to actually do the stuff you WANT to do this weekend. “

Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend

With 2.5x more power in every drop, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle penetrates dirt and lifts it away easier than ever before, meaning you’ll need to spend less time cleaning your home this weekend and more time enjoying some free time within it!

Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle comes in a variety of scents and also includes a kitchen formula and a special formula that’s specifically tough on bathrooms – after all, isn’t that the last place you want to spend your free time over the weekend

Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend

My Review of Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner

There is no doubt about it, anything spring cleaning related always revolves around my children! They seem to accumulate more toys and dirt than anyone or anything in the house. They are always the ones that need the most attention when spring cleaning is here, particularly when it comes to their bathroom. Bare feet that have stomped through the back yard have left dirty footprints on the floor and hand prints mark where they have flicked the light switch. A three year old boy that is potty trained and now excited to be using the toilet without a potty training seat has left much for me to clean in that area. It would be safe to say that I often think about just power washing that bathroom down and calling it clean! A week shy of seven month pregnant makes getting on my hands and knees to scrub the floor less appealing, especially when you have a product that forces you to do all the work. Fortunately Mr. Clean’s New Liquie Muscle Cleaner makes getting those floors sparkling clean with little time or effort. You don’t even need to use a lot of product to get the results you want. One squeeze of cleaner in a bucket of warm water and your bathroom is ready to be cleaned. The scent is simply amazing and leaves the bathroom spelling just like spring! I am so delighted to have discovered a product that allows me to spend less time cleaning up after my kids so that I may spend more time making messes with my kids!

Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend

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Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner #CleanFreeWeekend



109 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning With Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner

    1. I am a mom of four very busy children that sometimes don’t have time to clean up after themselves. 🙂 deep cleaning with a effective and fresh scent is a must in our home. I would love to win this giveaway, thank your think it is pretty incredible that there is two and a half times more power in every drop!

    2. As far as I can remember, we have ALWAYS used Mr. Clean for our floors. Even back in the old days the detergent wasn’t all watered down. Seemed to get every kind of grim you could think of off the flooring and to this day, it still does. I love the fact the over the years new scents came out. Think I am loving the fact that now they come with a cap that keeps from too much being used…. big help when it comes to kids doing the mopping and over doing it on the soap.

  1. I really need to spring clean, especially clean the kitchen floor and bathroom floor really good. Nice review!

  2. I have started to spring clean and this looks like a product I would like to try..I love the new bottles!

  3. Another great product and want to try this one. I use the magic erasers all the time. Mr. Clean has been around for years, great products!

  4. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the single greatest cleaning invention I’ve ever used. I’ve got one of their mops, and it’s fantastic! If the Liquid Muscle works anything like that magic Eraser stuff, I’ll be SO grateful. There are some things you simply can’t use the Erasers on, and I’m glad Mr. Clean recognizes that and is releasing this solution. Get it, solution? That’s like a pun. Cuz it’s liquid. Ha ha.

  5. I already use Mr Clean, but I could really use the stronger forrmula to wipe down my range hoods and cabinets.

  6. I love Mr Clean Magic Eraser so I know I can count on the other products doing what they are supposed to.

  7. I can’t wait to try the special formula that’s specifically tough on bathrooms! Thanks for this great review!

  8. love that the container has an autostop that prevents you from wasting the product. I wish more containers had this feature!

  9. I learned they have 2.5x the cleaning ingredients than their regular products and also they have an auto-stop cap that looks like it would be great for keeping from using way too much or making a mess.

  10. I am going to have to have my fiance pick up some of these products for cleaning around the house. We are starting the major cleanup of our house since we are emptying and organizing the storage room and garage so we can actually use them both. The bedroom for crafts, coupons and general working on stuff and the garage as a woodshop and workshop for my son and I. Selling lots of stuff, throwing out stuff and donating stuff. All of the areas need really deep cleaning too.

  11. I didn’t realize how many products they made! On their site, I discovered so many different ones like outdoor magic erasers and the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. I have a lot more Spring cleaning to do and these products would be so helpful!

  12. I learned that the liquid muscle comes in five formulas and they all have an auto stop cap that prevents waste. I love that.

  13. that the new liquid muscle It practically does the work for you!
    – New formula has 2.5X more power in every drop*
    – Auto Stop cap pours just the right amount so less is wasted

  14. i love how you are actually showing the details of how you are using it, via pictures! gives us a real understanding, thank you!

  15. I have been wanting to try liquid muscle, but keep forgetting to pick it up. Thanks for the great review, now I am sure to remember!!

  16. First off, I love the photographs. I can really see the product and read the label. Thank you. I also liked that there is an easy way to find more time for ‘me’ after cleaning up after the kids

  17. they have 2.5x the cleaning ingredients than their regular products and also they have an auto-stop cap these products are great

  18. It’s nice to know that this product is extra concentrated. It’s great when a little bit of cleaning solution will do the trick!

  19. I LOVE that it comes with a cap that prevents you from using too much. I’ve seen my husband dump half a bottle of cleaning solution onto one tiny spot and then act annoyed when he runs out quickly.

  20. I think this product would be great for my kitchen counters and island because we always get stuck on stuff that can be hard to get off.

  21. I love all the different scents they have and I hope some of you are checking out the youtube, great information there 🙂 thanks @tisonlyme143

  22. Mr Clean has wonderful products and I really like how they get the grime out , if you want your bathroom and other spots around the house to be clean MRClean will definitely do the job 🙂 thanks

  23. I have never tried this product yet but I love that it doesn’t take very much to clean with and that saves money.

  24. This is getting me psyched to finally get going on the Spring cleaning project. Especially the bathroom. YUCK

  25. Just like you, I HATE cleaning the bathroom!! Everything about it just takes a lot of elbow grease to clean for whatever reason. I esp hate the bathtub since we get a film of hard water on it which is hard to get off…and then there is the toilet! I really dont understand how pee ends up where it does. I hate boycotted the floor…I will vacuum and then swiffer but other than that I have given up since nothing seems to make it clean so it would be nice to see if they can do the job!

  26. Hello! I so remember having a 3 year old that’s proud to use the potty. lol Thank goodness you have this extra strong Mr. Clean and some gloves to clean his bathroom. This looks to be a fantastic product & it smells good? Awesome! Thank-you for the review!

  27. I did not know about Magic Muscle. I have to try this out. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  28. Mr. Clean has been around since before I was born. It is a company that you can depend on. They are always improving their products.

  29. The new Mr. Clean formula has 2.5X more power in every drop, which would probably required less elbow grease when cleaning, which would make it easier with my arthritis 🙂

  30. Yup, kids are great mess makers. As for me, I have three small dogs and two toddler granddaughters that track in dirt and grime from outside quite a bit. Glad to hear this new cleaner works so well and I especially like that it has 2.5x more power to do the job.

  31. I learned that the new formula has 2.5X more power in every drop. I also found some scents I didn’t know of.

  32. I learned about the Auto Stop Cap to prevent waste. I like the idea since I generally do end up using too much soap.

  33. Well, I wish I would have had this product in time for passover, but there is always more cleaning to be done! Thanks for the informative review!

  34. In the review I learned that it gives you just the amount needed to do the job.I use Mr.Clean sponges but have no tried this new Mr.Clean liquid.

  35. I didn’t know there were so many types of magic erasers. I’d like to try the outdoor one.

  36. I think we all agree; cleaning the bathroom is the worst. I think it’s so cool that Mr. Clean made a specific one just for bathrooms, and I LOVE the auto-stop cap feature!! I love the magic eraser so I’m excited to try these new products.

  37. I have always used Mr Clean, but wow, now it’s New formula has 2.5X more power in every drop…can’t wait to try it!!

  38. I learned that Auto Stop cap pours just the right amount so less is wasted and has 2.5x more power in every drop

  39. Okay, I seriously need to get some of this. Maybe then my boyfriend would have no more excuse for his poor cleaning abilities!

  40. I didn’t even know there was a Liquid Muscle until I went to the website and also from this review

  41. I learned that Mr. Clean gel comes in the scent of Gain! That’s so cool – I love the scent of Gain. 🙂

  42. I learned the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle makes cleaning easier and better. With arthritis and several precious Grandchildren who are here a lot, I need easier and better!

  43. I usually don’t like housecleaning, but after reading this review, I’m anxious to win this and start cleaning.

  44. I think that the Mr. Clean bottles now have auto stop caps. I always squeeze out way too much soap, so I think it’s great.

  45. In the video on the Mr. Clean website, I learned that you can use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle directly on a tough mess, or dilute in a gallon, and the product is automatically measured when continually squeezed!

  46. I love the way you detail your review, and the pictures help tell the story a lot. But what I find even more impressive is the fact that you’re doing this 7 months pregnant! I’d just hire a cleaner or get someone else to help.

  47. I have similar cleaning needs as you so it is great to know that it really works FAST!!!! With 2 kids under 3 I need things to be fAST

  48. My new Liquid Muscle is exactly what it sounds like. It practically does the work for you! – New formula has 2.5X more power in every drop*

  49. 2.5x the cleaning ingredients than their regular products so I would love to use this to clean my home

  50. I am a loyal user of Mr. Clean products. I haven’t tried Liquid Muscle yet, but I plan to. Thanks for the review.

  51. Thanks for this review. I didn’t know that Mr. Clean made this New Liquid Muscle Cleaner. Since it is 2.5 times stronger my spring cleaning jobs will go faster. It sounds perfect for my bathrooms and kitchen.

  52. Anything that will help make my cleaning jobs a little easier is right up my alley. I definitely need Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle!

  53. I learned that the new Mr. Clean formula has 2.5X more power in every drop.With my big family I really need all the help to clean that I can get.

  54. It is really nice that there are different formulas for different areas of the house. That takes the guess work out of things.

  55. Love the auto-stop cap. The concemtrated formula means less packaging as well. The kids’ bathroom looks sparkling.

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