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Splurges That Make a Difference

Like they said in Parks and Rec, you need to “treat yo self” sometimes. While you shouldn’t treat yourself all the time, there are certain things in life where you should splurge. You work hard for your money, and should save plenty of it, but what’s the point of hard work and earnings if you never get to splurge on yourself or those you love?

Here are 6 splurges that really make a difference in your life.


COVID has put a damper on 2020 travel, but once things return back to normal, traveling is a luxury worth splurging on. Save your airline miles, hotel points, and credit card rewards to help offset the cost of your trips, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is unexpected, so don’t hoard those miles or credits and vacation days. Take the vacation.

Quality Mattress and Bedding

Did you know that you spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping? Treat yourself to a high-quality mattress that works for your body and sleep habits. Test out a mattress to make sure it’s not too firm or too soft and be sure to replace it as recommended.

When it comes to bedding, treat yourself to high-quality sheets and duvets that also meet your needs, you may want to consider the best sleep number alternative. If you sleep hot, think cotton or microfiber to wick sweat away from you. If you want luxurious bedding, go with silk or satin.

1/3 of your life is far too long to spend in scratchy sheets.

Kitchen Gadgets

If you love to cook multiple meals per day, splurge on the nicer set of pots and pans, knives, and kitchen gadgets. In the long run, cooking at home rather than going out to eat is going to save you a ton of money, so don’t be afraid to splurge a bit on your kitchen tools. Higher-end kitchen items really do make a difference.

Quality Food and Drink

On a similar note, treat yourself to quality food and drink when possible. Go organic if you can, buy wholesome ingredients, and consider water purification systems for your home and office. Crystal clear and clean drinking water can make all the difference.


Self-care has taken on new importance during the pandemic, but it should be a focus all the time. Whatever it is that you like to do to take care of yourself, from exercising to getting a massage to taking yourself out for a movie or coffee, figure out a way to build it into your budget. Don’t put yourself last and make sure you get to take care of your own mental health.

House Cleaner

If thinking about cleaning your house and finding the time to do it stresses you out, try to find a way to fit regular house cleaning into your budget. If you hate cleaning bathrooms and the thought of mopping your floors makes you want to curl up and hide, outsource it.

Even if you can’t swing a cleaner every week, a twice a month cleaning service will do wonders for your stress levels. There’s just something about coming home from work to a clean house that is so satisfying.

What’s Your Next Splurge?

What splurges are you going to build into your budget? Treat yourself to a splurge here and there to make your hard work worth it. Don’t go overboard if it doesn’t fit into your financial plans, but don’t be afraid to pamper yourself a bit, however that might look!

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