Some Of The Very Best Things You Can Do With Chorizo

One of the meats that is fast growing popular across the board (at least in households where it hasn’t always been a staple), chorizo is notable for its aromatic flavor, a sweetness mixed with a light heat that makes it such a versatile staple of many a meal. However, if you’ve been using it as a side-ingredient, you might be surprised just how much potential it has as a main, and here we’re going to look at some ways to use it.

You don’t need much more than corn

If you’re looking for a simple, basic meal that’s both filling and delicious, then you can start with the basics. A chorizo and corn soup is a very basic dish that many families have grown up with and is especially perfect for those chilly days. There are a lot of ways to vary it up and, indeed, every family that grew up with it likely has their own recipe, but chorizo and corn are always going to be the main components.

The best-loaded hot dog you’re going to BBQ

Love nothing more than grilling up some dogs on a hot day? Then a choripan might be just what you want, using chorizo instead of basic hot dog meat, to add a touch of flavor. A loaded choripan recipe goes well beyond that change alone. Garlicky mayo, serrano chimichurri, pickled red onions, and Monterey jack can leave you with a mouthwatering juicy burger to sink your teeth into.

Get an eyeful of this pie-full

Stickin’ with traditional Latin American recipes, if you have never tried your hand at making empanadas before, then you really should. A perfect finger food, these pies are a welcome sight on any platter and can be made with nothing more than pizza dough and the right ingredients. Chorizo makes for an excellent filling, alongside some cheese, vegetables, and spices. Empanadas are best with dipping sauces, too.

The best way to use it on a pizza

Chorizos is already a popular pizza topping but if you’re looking to make it the main star of your own slice, then knowing what to pair it up with is key. This pizza recipe uses caramelized onions, goat cheese, and arugula to contrast the spicy aromatic nature of the chorizo with a little creaminess and sweetness, as well, making for some very flavorful bites, indeed.

Pasta time

If you’re a lover of easy and quick pasta meals, then chorizo is already likely a regular part of your arsenal, as easy as it is to chop up and throw into any pasta bowl. A delicious chorizo carbonara makes for a very easy way to make use of the meat and you don’t need very many ingredients at all, just some cilantro, parmesan cheese, and eggs to go with the pasta and chorizo.

Chorizo is a lot more versatile than a lot of people give it credit for. There are plenty of options to explore besides those mentioned above, so be sure to do your own digging, too.

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