Small Changes To Make To Your Life In January

January is a time for new starts and for change. After 2020 ended, a lot of us felt like we were in need of a big change to our lives and a fresh start was on the horizon. 

Sadly the world hasn’t changed quite as much as we hoped and Covid is still rife in the world – however there are so many great opportunities for us to change and improve even when stuck at home. 

Today we want to talk about some of the things you could do in your life this year to make a positive change and really start your year off in the right way. 

Start every day with a big breakfast 

Breakfast is a meal that far too many of us skip and this is not healthy for us at all. Breakfast is an important part of a healthy morning routine and we should eat a nutritious one each day to start your day with lots of energy. One example of a healthy breakfast is a bacon, avocado, and spinach bagel: 


  • 3 rashers lean bacon 
  • 1 bagel 
  • 2 tbsp hummus 
  • 1 slice beef tomato 
  • ½ avocado
  • Handful spinach 
  1. Grill bacon until cooked to your liking.
  2. Toast the bagel lightly and spread some hummus on each side. 
  3. On the bottom of the bagel layer some spinach, sliced avocado, bacon, and tomato and add the top. 
  4. Enjoy with a black coffee for a healthy breakfast. 

Eat smaller portions 

It is a great idea in January to start trying to lose a few of those pounds you put on during the festive season. After Christmas a lot of us do have a little extra weight in our mid section and trying to get back into a healthy eating routine can be difficult and sometimes a huge challenge. To make a simple change in January you can start to reduce your portion sizes for each meal. To reduce your portion size easily you can buy smaller plates and use these to serve your meals throughout the day. Eating less is a small change but it will allow your stomach to start shrinking back a little and will make it easier for you to lose weight. 

Work out in the morning 

When considering changes we can make to our lives in the new year, one of them has to be working out every week to stay fit and get lean. If you are new to working out and you are looking for a helpful way to get up and move every day – we suggest doing it as soon as you wake up in the morning. We all know how hard it can be motivate ourselves to work out and for many of us it simply isn’t fun. However, by working out once you roll out of bed in the morning you won’t give yourself time to overthink it and this makes it an ideal time. Plus, working out will actually help to wake you up fully and as a result you can end up being more productive throughout the day. 

Place some workout clothes next to your bed when you go to sleep and put these on as soon as you wake up. You can set up a YouTube video on your TV in the living room and get your daily workout in before you have even had breakfast! It is a great way to keep fit without taking a huge chunk of time out of your day. Here are some of the YouTube channels you can try: 

  • XHIT Daily 
  • Rebecca Louise  
  • The Body Coach 
  • Chloe Ting
  • Sarah’s Day 
  • Yoga With Adriene 

Have a day off social media 

One of the biggest parts of our lives that we could do with cutting out now and again is social media. We all know how addictive social media can be and a lot of us spend a good chunk of each day scrolling through social media. It is important now and again to step away from social media and have a digital detox to help our mental health and allow us to really make the most of the real world. Choose a day of the week and stay off all social media for this day. It will allow you to live your life with a different perspective and it might open your eyes to the possibility of eventually quitting social media altogether. Social media can be a powerful tool however it can also be something that harms our mental health once we compare ourselves to others. Learn to live in the moment this year and detox yourself of the online world. 

Enjoy time with loved ones 

Now is the time to really start enjoying every moment you spend with your loved ones at home. Most of us are still stuck at home for the time being during January and we know that it can be hard not being able to go out in the world. However, one of the things you should do while stuck at home is make the most of your time with your loved ones. Instead of sitting in front of the TV not speaking and scrolling through your phones – bring out a board game or a set of cards. Play a video game together, talk about your day… anything. This time we have at home with our family is a blessing in one way and we should all make the most of this extra time now, because once the world goes back to normal we will regret not doing so. 

Learn a new skill 

If you want to make the most of your year in 2021, it is a great time to learn a new skill that either helps you to develop professionally or personally. There are lots of skills you can learn this year to make the most of your time and this could be anything from a new language to cooking and even leadership skills for your job. 

Get budgeting 

January is a time when most of us are a little bit sparse in terms of our money and it is important for us to be able to get back on track and find financial stability. Now is the time to start looking through your bank statements as well as make a saving goal for yourself to reach over the next few months. Managing your finances in the new year can be a little difficult however it will allow you to save some money and help you reach your goals and become more financially independent. There are lots of ways to save money such as using coupons and saving on your bills – and once you start doing this you can be much more stable and comfortable financially. You can also learn more about good debt and understand your current credit score – and make plans to improve this during the year. 

Write a career map 

If you are sitting at home one afternoon and you have nothing to do – a great idea would be to create a career map for yourself to follow. For example if you are at the bottom stage of your career path you can write a map that includes every step up you’ll need to take before you reach your end goal. 

Get some fresh air 

It is so important for your mental health that you take the time to get some fresh air every day. Fresh air and sunshine has a huge impact on our mental health and it is something we should work as a positive change this year. Get out of the house for at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll soon see a difference in your mood and your health. 


Adopt a pet 

One of the changes you can make in the new year that will not only benefit you but also an animal in need us to adopt a pet. Pets such as cats and dogs are amazing creatures and offer a fun presence in your home when you allow them into your family. Adopting a pet will potentially save their life and it will also bring you so much joy at home. 

Grow some herbs 

If you love to cook and you want to start making fresher foods this year, now is the time to start growing some herbs in your kitchen. You can bring a few different herb plants or seeds into your kitchen near a window and start looking after them now so that they thrive during the year and bring you bursts of strong flavour with every meal. There is nothing quite like a fresh herb and this will improve your cooking and make every meal taste on another level. 

Get more sleep 

Now is the time to try and make one very important change to your life: getting more sleep. Sleep is such an important process and we need to make sure we get plenty of sleep every day in order to stay healthy. Try to start going to bed half an hour earlier and you’ll soon see a difference in your energy levels and your mood.

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