In Search Of A New Purpose in 2021

For most of us, it feels as if 2020 has never existed. It’s been a dull year when it comes to personal growth. But so is life, and we’re all in this together. 

Yet, the pandemic year has been emotionally and mentally draining. Staying safe by social distancing is one thing. But staying sane while doing so is another. As such, one year later, it’s time to figure out your purpose during the pandemic. We have no way of knowing how long covid-19 will remain a threat. However, we all know that it’ll take several years to fully eradicate health risks even with a vaccine rollout. In other words, 2021 will also be a year of social distancing. So, here’s the bad news: You won’t be able to go back to normal right now. But you can redefine your purpose and find new ways of coping. 


Forget new, embrace familiar

We live in limbo, still in between what we remember of 2019 and still hoping for a time when it will be okay to get out with our lives as we used to. While it’s understandable, it’s not a healthy approach. Mentally, being in limbo means that you have lost your anchors. You are no more than dead wood drifting in the sea, forced to follow the waves and with no will of your own. Do you really want to remain that deadwood for another year? No! It’s time to find your anchors again and regrow your roots. You could start the day with a ritual that keeps you grounded. A morning ritual can help your body fall back into a natural sleep pattern and feel rested. Additionally, if you introduce regular exercise and a spiritual routine, you’ll soon find yourself growing deeper roots that anchor you into here and now. Goodbye limbo, hello present. Your purpose is about being here and now, and that’s where the quest for your happiness begins.

I fancy myself a creative artist

Craft hobbies have grown dramatically during the pandemic. Crafting is relaxing, but you’re worried you’re indulging too much in time-wasting hobbies. Do not throw everything away! You could consider selling your creations. Places such as Etsy are fantastic to launch a craft side hustle. Perhaps you could even run a quick break even analysis to figure out if there’s some money in making new pieces. How many pieces do you need to sell to recover the cost of material and shipping? Being creative is good for the soul, and making it a profitable hustle makes your time valuable. 

I have so much to tell

For the first time, people have time to reflect on their experiences. We all have a story to tell, and the pandemic is allowing many to tell it. Blog presence has increased in 2020. So why not put your thoughts into words and share them with others too? Starting a blog is an introspective therapy that connects you with others. You’re not alone struggling with cabin fever or lack of motivation. Share your struggle and your joys about the post-pandemic world. Connecting with people is one of the things we’ve all missed during covid, so use your words to reach out. 

Don’t let the pandemic define who you are. You can be a successful side hustler, an inspiring blogger, or anything else you want to be. It’s time to leave the limbo feelings behind and rediscover your strength to cope. Tap into those unlocked feelings and fears and turn them into something positive! 

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