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Six Frugal Ways to Revamp Your Home on A Budget

Are you tired of your home and find yourself wanting to move? Do you spend hours searching home sale websites wishing you lived in something out of a magazine? I understand the feeling of wanting something new, and I also understand that sometimes our budgets make that impossible.

The good news is that you can make your home feel like new, without hurting your budget. Below are our six favorite hacks to revamp your home on a budget. Choose one or choose them all, before long you will be loving the home you are already in.

1.Upgrade Your Backyard

Backyards usually go one of two ways. It’s either a place that your family spends a lot of their time, or a place that they rarely ever visit. You can make your backyard a place that both you and your kids will love, and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton.

First, think about what you want and need. If you have kids look at your local swap shop for second hand swing sets and play structures. You can move them yourself and easily set them up, and you can even give them a facelift with a bit of paint if you want. For the grown-ups you might want to consider an inflatable hot tub. It can be a great place for you to relax and unwind without having to spend thousands of dollars. Check this page now to find an inflatable tub to fit your needs.

2. Get A New Bathtub

It might seem like a large thing to update, but a tired and flaking bathtub is both an eyesore and a stressor. Consider having your bathroom refinished, covered, or even replaced to give yourself a relaxing and comforting place to unwind at the end of the day.

Depending on the design of your bathtub you can possibly have someone come out and refurbish it. In doing so they will sand it down and refinish it to make it look like new. Depending on if you live in a small town or large city it might be hard to find someone who offers this service though. If you aren’t able to have someone come out and refurbish your tub, you can also consider having an entirely new tub put in. Whether a shower and tub duo or a freestanding tub, you won’t regret updating this in your home. You can find a bathtub to fit your needs at

3. Consider A New Coat of Paint

New paint is my favorite fix for just about everything. It can give a facelift from everything to walls, furniture, and even toys. It’s one of my favorite ways to update my home and it’s also one of the cheapest.

All you need is a little bit of research and the right tools, and you can make any old thing in your home look new again. Just make sure you don’t forget to sand your project and decide if you need a top coat. That way it won’t chip or flake as time goes on.

4. Look to The Details

Updating your home does not have to mean making big and drastic changes. Often some of the biggest impacts can come from small changes such as cabinet hardware and the decorations in your home.

When it comes to cabinet hardware, think about what feel you want your home to have. Choose straight lines and distinct corners in black or chrome for a modern feel, or more subtle tones like nickel or bronze for an older look.

With decorations consider that less is often more. A minimal home is not only easier to clean but it is less distracting for visitors.

5. Add Molding

Molding can instantly turn any room from drab to fab, but while this project can make your home look high class it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Molding can be as simple as 1×4 planks being used for a Craftsman look, or elaborate wainscoting to give your home a bit of class. The great thing about molding is that it looks great, but you don’t have to spend a ton on it. You don’t even have to hire a professional to install it. With the right tools it is a simple project that even a beginner can do on their own.

6. Update Your Curb Appeal

Many will form an opinion about your home before they ever get out of their car. Your homes curb appeal means a lot and can change the entire feel of your home. The good news is that updating the curb appeal of your home does not have to take a lot of money.

You can go a long way to changing the curb appeal of your home by simply keeping it neat and tidy. Mowing your yard regularly, sweeping your porch, and keeping the weeds out of your garden beds are simple and free ways to make your home look nicer.

If you want to do more towards upping the curb appeal of your home try planting some flowers and painting your front door. Both of these are easy and cheap projects that can give you a lot of bang for your buck.

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