Six Fabulous Ways To Treat Dry Skin

Many people struggle to combat cracked and irritated skin throughout the year, but it can be especially difficult to overcome when cold weather strikes. It’s also hard to navigate the confusing world of skincare and figure out what ingredients or habits your skin needs to revert to its healthy, happy self. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your skin thrive.

Limit Harsh Cleansers

If you suffer from dry skin primarily after showering or washing your face, your cleanser may be partially to blame. Body or face washes that contain harsh ingredients, like acids and fragrances, may promise to provide skincare benefits, but they may also be responsible for drying out your skin.

You can either switch to a gentler, more moisturizing cleanser, or you can reduce the frequency in which you use these harsh cleaners. Either way, your skin will thank you.

Wash Skin With Lukewarm or Cold Water

It may be tempting to crank up the heat in your shower, especially when you need to warm up after feeling chilled to the bone. Unfortunately, washing with hot water can significantly dry out your skin and lead to all kinds of irritation and damage.

You don’t have to wash with a bucket of ice water, but turning down the temperature to a more lukewarm level can reduce the amount of skin dryness you experience. 

Hydrate Immediately After Showering or Bathing

You may not feel like taking a few extra moments to apply lotion all over your body after hopping out of the shower, but there is no better time to lock in moisture than when your skin is still slightly wet from your shower or bath. 

Skin can more easily become dried out after a shower when moisture is allowed to evaporate off the skin, so make sure to apply a nourishing moisturizer after patting yourself dry.

Choose Detergents Carefully

Some people’s skin may be sensitive to the chemicals in the detergent they use to wash their clothes. Dry or irritated skin can sometimes be due to an allergy to clothing detergent, so try switching to one with a “hypoallergenic” label to see if that helps your skin feel better. 

Add a Humidifier to Your Arsenal

Skin can get especially dry when the air outside is dry or when you run the heater inside your home. Purchasing a humidifier and filling it with filtered water can add moisture to the air, which eventually works its way into your skin. 

Many people find it helpful to place a humidifier in their bedroom as they sleep at night. This can also help prevent the sore throats and nosebleeds that are associated with cooler temperatures. 

Wear Gloves While Cleaning and Doing Dishes

Like clothing detergents, other cleaning products like dish soap or all-purpose sprays can also dry out your skin. Invest in a pair of sturdy plastic rubber gloves to protect your hands as you do dishes or clean your home. 

This can prevent irritating ingredients from touching your skin and causing a reaction but also protects your skin from being subjected to the hot dishwater that may also dry them out. 

Dealing with dry or cracked skin is not fun, but there are a few simple steps you can take to help heal your skin and prevent dryness from coming back in the future. All of these tips are easy swaps or changes that can be done without a lot of effort or expense, and any of them can help restore your skin to its former, more moisturized glory.

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