Handy Guide for PCSing to Oahu Hawaii

Are you PCSing to Oahu, Hawaii? Be prepared to experience a life of warm breezes, welcoming neighbors, and beaches only a few minutes’ walk away from your place. 

This might be your first PCS and you have zero expectation about living the island life. To assist you, we’ve created a detailed guide full of advice and tips for pov shipping Hawaii from the mainland.

Getting to Know About Oahu 

The most populated island, Oahu, is ideal for those who enjoy city life and leisure and don’t mind occasional traffic and tourists. Despite being just the third-largest Hawaiian island, Oahu accommodates approximately one million people.

With seven military bases, this tropical paradise is home to a large number of Hawaii’s military forces. It also has many modern buildings, making it the most established of all the islands.

The region is divided into leeward and windward sections, with the Ko’olau Mountains functioning as the bordering lines. The leeward side is dryer and colder while the windward side is windier, greener, and humid.

Because of its development progress, Oahu is without a doubt the island with the most career opportunities in sectors such as hospitality, administration, military, education, and engineering.

Buying and Renting Homes in Oahu

When it comes to living on Oahu, the island does have some choices. Off foundation, you’ll find a wide range of housing options including condominiums, flats, apartments, and single-family residences available.

Different areas will provide you with different experiences too. If you choose to live in the Waikiki area, you will notice a lot of tourist activity. Hence, you will have plenty of activities to do in your spare time. However, due to the high level of tourism in Waikiki, rates for anything are usually higher than in other parts of the region.

There’s also the “Town” district, which includes places like Manoa, Punchbowl, and Diamond Head. Town may definitely feel busy and chaotic at times, but even with that follows a range of amenities, all within walking distance of your new place.

Central Oahu is a fantastic suburban area with great public services. It can also provide more budget-friendly accommodation options. If you’re looking for stunning views, the North Shore is obviously the place to be. 

However, compared to housing on the mainland, you can expect to pay much more for rent in Oahu. It’s no secret that the property market in Hawaii is costly. In reality, smaller homes with obscenely high price tags are very common here. So, before you PCS to the island, it’s a smart option to assess your belongings and possibly downsize.

Shipping Your Vehicle and Personal Belongings to Oahu

Although the weather will not be an issue, the summer is the busiest months for moving companies. If possible, try to schedule your transfer between September and March, when the demand for pcs my pov hawaii is low.

Before the movers arrive, make a list of all of your belongings. If you’re transporting high-value objects, don’t forget to add an insurance plan because the moving company would only compensate a certain amount for missing or damaged objects. If you are in the military and need assitance with your move, I suggest that you learn more about military moving.

Downsizing before moving will save you money while relocating to Hawaii. You can donate the things you don’t need to a charity or sell them via Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

What about your vehicle? Don’t be concerned about leaving your vehicle behind when you move. Military personnel are allowed to ship one POV at no cost from the government. 

Even so, there are certain constraints and limits in terms of what kinds of private cars can be transported and in what conditions. To deliver a car to Hawaii, approach a car transport company and schedule for them to transport your vehicle.

The costs of transporting a car to Hawaii are determined by a number of factors, such as the distance between the collection and delivery points, as well as the model of the vehicle. 

To make sure that your POV is completely ready for shipping, it should be properly cleaned on every side. Also, remove all personal items from the vehicle because the car shipping company would not pay for any personal belongings missing inside the vehicle.

During the first 30 days of arrival, you must report your vehicle to the vehicle registration department. You can also go to this page if you want to get a Hawaii driver’s license.

Your vehicle must pass the safety inspection in order for your registration to be approved. This is something you can do at any of the state’s car dealerships. To make an appointment, simply contact their office.

If you own a second personal vehicle, you would almost certainly be required to pay an import tax. You must also obtain permission from the lien holder for leased automobiles.


Moving to Oahu, Hawaii, should be an amazing adventure for you. Go seek professional help in transporting your POV and other personal items to make the process less stressful. 

The majority of shipping companies provide military discounts to both active and retired personnel. When contacting your transport company, do mention your military association and ask about any possible price discounts they have in relation to your military status.

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