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Simple Ways to Make Some Extra Money

Finding ways to make money without having to do a lot of extra work isn’t easy. You’ve often got to put in a reasonable amount of effort to create a seconds stream of income, and perhaps even spend some money to make one. However, you might have several things that could be earning you money right now, and you haven’t even realized it. Letting other people use your stuff, for a fee, of course, can get some money coming in without too much effort on your part. If you have some space or some possessions that are underused, they could be working harder for you.

Make Use of a Spare Room (or Whole Property)

If you’re lucky enough to have spare space in your home, you can definitely make money from it. One option is to take in a lodger if you’re prepared to have someone living in your home. If the idea of having someone to stay permanently doesn’t appeal, perhaps using your home as an Airbnb property is a better idea. Even better, if you have a vacation home, you can rent it out when you’re not using it, so you don’t have to stay with your guests. It’s easier than you might think to get started, but make sure you check local regulations.

Lease Out Vehicles

Vehicles of various types are another thing you might not use as much as you wish. You might have a motorbike you can’t get out on as often as you like. If I had an RV, I would certainly rent out my motorhome. Almost no one uses their motorhome all the time, unless they’re lucky enough to be traveling permanently. You could also lease your car to others, as well as consider ride-sharing. You can save and earn money by carpooling with others on both short and long journeys, and you get to keep control over your car. If you go through a website set up for the purpose of renting your vehicle, they can help with insurance matters.

Rent Tools and Equipment

Is your garage or shed full of tools that rarely get used? I know our garage could do with sprucing up. Everyone has a lawn mower they only use once every couple of weeks in the summer or a power washer they’ve only used once. If you think these tools are still useful, perhaps you don’t want to sell them just yet. But renting them out could be a good idea. If you have any garden or DIY equipment, someone else who doesn’t want to buy them could make use of them.

Land and Outdoor Space

If you have any outdoor space that could be useful to someone else, you could make money from that too. One example is a parking space or driveway where someone else could park their car. Or maybe you have some land or even just a backyard that someone could use. People might be looking for somewhere to grow vegetables or throw a party.

Don’t just let your resources go to waste. If you’re not using them, someone else could.

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