Simple and Easy Ways To Get Involved In Your Community

Simple and Easy Ways To Get Involved In Your CommunityWe all lead busy lives and can find ourselves running from one thing to another. It sometimes can feel hard to make time for ourselves. Making time for ourselves is really important to help us refocus and recharge. It is important to also make time for others too. When we serve others, we are the ones that can benefit in the long run. It helps us become more rounded as a person, full of compassion and kindness. It is important to get the balance right between helping others and helping yourself, though. But if you find it hard to find time to serve others, there are simple ways to do it. They don’t have to be large or grand gestures. Even the smallest of things can make a massive difference to other people. So here are some ways that you can help others and make a difference in your community.

Help Your Family

It can be hard to say this when you’re a mom, as it can feel like you are always helping your family. But if you have certain chores or jobs at home that are yours and some that are your partner’s, think about doing theirs for them, just because you can. It is a great thing to teach our children, and small acts of service like this really help to show your love for your family.

Get Involved with a Charity

There will be many charities and groups in your community that you could get involved with. It could be helping out in a thrift store, serving at a soup kitchen or taking meals to elderly or sick people in your area. There will be different things available, depending on how much time you can give. So have a look around and see what you can find. A non-profit charity like regional bikur cholim could be somewhere to start.

Donate Unwanted Items

We are very blessed in the lives that we lead and can often have an abundance of ‘stuff.’ Especially right after the holidays. So it is a good idea to have a bit of a clear out and sort out some items in your home that is no longer needed. It could be coats and clothing to a homeless or refugee shelter or dropping off baby items to a women’s refuge. If your things are in good condition but no longer needed, donating items is a really easy way to give service.

Pay It Forward

Next time you are in a grocery store or a drive-thru, could you pay for the person behind you? If you can’t cover it all, could you just drop off a couple of bills with the cashier to put towards it? Things like this make people’s day and restore their faith in humanity. They are likely to pass it on and then it keeps going and going.

Deliver a Meal

If you’re cooking dinner, how about doubling up the amount? Except instead of freezing half in your freezer, deliver it to a neighbor or friend. It can make a massive difference to their day when their burdens have been lightened.

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