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Simple & Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Home

If there has been any sort of positive that has come from this pandemic, it’s that all of the extra time being stuck at home has allowed us to do more home renovation projects! I have also discovered that not all house renovation projects have to be super timely or expensive. There are so many simple and affordable ways to bring back life to a room, or give a new look to your bathroom. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Fresh Coat of Paint

We recently painted our bedroom (which I thought I loved the color of) but I am so in love with it even more with a fresh coat of paint! We slightly changed the shade of our accent wall and remaining three walls also got a brighter color tone. All of the baseboards got a fresh coat of paint. After a deep clean my room feels so refreshed and new! I cannot believe what a difference just a new coat of paint makes. You don’t even have to change the color of the room you want to paint. Just giving it a new fresh coat can make all the difference!

Add Crown Molding

Something I loved about our home when we first purchased it a few years ago was the crown molding all throughout the house. While I cannot take credit for the work that was done by the previous owners, I can say that I know the process of installing it and for the cost and work that goes behind it… this is an extremely simple and affordable way to transform any room in your house and add some charm! You do not have to be a professional to do this in your home and it could be done in one weekend. There are all kinds of ways to add crown molding to the rooms in your home, just take a look online to see which style you like.

Hang up some new wall art

I am not a person of change and I very rarely swap out what is hanging up on my walls… but when I do… I am reminded of what an immense difference it can make! Wall art is one of my most favorite ways to change a room up. I have four kids and any parent can tell you that their style and preferences change often. I have found that when decorating my kid’s rooms, it is always best to hang up wall art and decorations (stuff that is easy to swap out) so that you can easily change the room as they grow older. Fine arts is a great place to search and discover beautiful and affordable canvas prints. They have a wide selections of canvas wall art that is perfect for not only the kid’s room’s, but any room in the house.

Loving this canvas print, it would be perfect in my seven year olds room!

Simple & Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Home

You can also find a great selection of sunset canvas art, which is one of my favorites of their collections.

Simple & Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Home

I am a mother of a teenager, so I am familiar with the tapestries, which are very popular right now and I cannot disagree with that! This is also a very simple and affordable way to transform a room and it is very simple to hang up. They come in a few different sizes and you could essentially cover an entire wall. So, if you are not wanting to paint a room, you always have the option to hang up a tapestry and that can be your accent wall! 

Simple & Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Home

There is a very wide range of style and designs when it comes to their tapestries, you will not be disappointed! They truly add a beautiful and unique look to a bedroom. 

Organize your pantry

Tired of the disorganization in your pantry? The solution isn’t always to install expensive shelving… you can save money by simply getting more organized. I recently purchased a bunch of snack storage containers and starting storing all of the snack and cereal in them. I also purchased baskets for all of the loose items and the odds and ends of the pantry stuff. The difference is night and day! I am amazed what transformation I was able to accomplish in the pantry by just getting all the items organized in containers and baskets. This is very simple and again… super affordable!

I hope you enjoyed these simple and affordable renovation projects and that it has inspired you to make some fun and exciting changes to your home!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Indoor plants can be another inexpensive way to upstyle a room – with the added advantage of producing a calming effect and improving air quality in the home.

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