Signs That Your Home Has A Termite Problem

Out of all of the household pests that might make themselves unwanted guests in your home, termites can be some of the most expensive. They can do real damage to the materials of the home, including to the structure if it’s supported by or made up of wood. It’s legal to eradicate termites from your home, but when do you know that they’re the problem you’re dealing with?

You’re spotting some droppings 

Like all pests, termites can leave droppings around them. If you’re unable to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place, termite droppings can look a lot like sawdust. If you haven’t been doing any woodwork in your home lately or bringing sawdust in with you, then they’re likely the cause for these little mounds of dust, if you spot one. Flying termites also shed their wings, so keep an eye out for that.

Your windows and doors are suddenly becoming stuck– 

There are a lot of different reasons that your doors can start sticking to their frame, as lays out. Same with your windows. Sometimes, it can be more due to moisture or humidity than anything. However, if you spot this alongside the other points mentioned here, then the answer is more likely to be termites. 

There’s damage to the walls beneath their covers

One of the problems with termites is that they can go undiscovered for a long time because the damage they do isn’t always easy to see. However, if you’re ever stripping paint from the wall or taking off wallpaper and you find that, beneath the cover, there’s damage to your wall, then there’s a good chance that termites are behind it. If that’s the case, working with a team like might be the way to go. Termites can be tough to eliminate, so professional tools and chemical solutions might be some of the best methods to ensure that you don’t miss any.

Unexplained clicks from inside the walls

Homes can make a lot of unexplained noises and not all of them as quite so worthy of your concern. However, there are some noises you should ignore, as laid out by If it sounds like a strange clicking sound, which s actually the termites banging up against the tunnels to communicate with the rest of their crew.

Tunnels and tubes in your wood

There are two types of distinct damage you can identify that have been made by termites. The first are the mud tunnels which, as they sound like, look like veins of mud that might run up your wall, especially on the exterior. The tubes that termites make are finer and harder to see from the outside, but if any wood comes apart to reveal small tunnels running through them like Swiss cheese, it’s very likely to be due to termites.

If you do spot the signs of termites then, as mentioned above, make sure that you’re working with professionals who can get them out of your home.

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