6 Effective Ways To Prevent Termites From Spreading In Your Home

Coming home to discover tiny wood dust piles under your furniture can be frustrating. It is clear evidence of a termite infestation. During spring, termites come from hibernation to mate. The growing numbers in colonies could be devastating if they found a way to your residence. They chew through wood, flooring and even newspapers unnoticed. Your floor, home foundation and much-beloved furniture risks damage.

Dealing with termites once they have invaded your property is challenging. They are only noticeable after causing considerable damage, or their colonies have gotten huge. Their small body sizes and large numbers make it cumbersome to eliminate them. Once you detect their presence, you have to act immediately.

Below are effective ways to prevent termites from spreading in your home.

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture is a leading catalyst for infestation of various pest including termites. They breed on moist surfaces and places dryness inhibits their eggs from hatching. Reducing or eliminating moisture from your house could help keep them away. Use dehumidifiers if you reside in a humid surrounding. Be vigilant during summer not to let excess moisture accumulate inside the house. Use the air conditioner regularly to eliminate the surplus moisture.

Dry Infected Items Under the Sun

Placing termite-infested items out in the sun work best during summer. Termites are known not to withstand high temperatures. In case you notice the termites are affecting a piece of furniture, dry it under the sun for a sufficient period. The heat will not only eliminate the termites but also rid the furniture of moisture. Clean the furniture to get rid of the dirt that may have accumulated. You could also dry and spray the uninfected items. You know, to be sure.

Repair Leaks

Leaks of any kind are among the leading contributors to dampness and moisture which is ideal for termite existence. Broken pipes, leaking taps and shower heads cause dampness. Repairing them before it persists would help block the creation of a termite-inviting environment. Examine the proximity of air conditioning and water heater overflow pipes to your home’s walls. The two being too close to each other could cause water to gather on the walls resulting in dampness. Ensure your roof is also well maintained to stop rainwater from leaking into the house. Also, check for any decay on your roof as it encourages termites breeding.

Maintain a Proper Gap Between the Soil and Wood Portions

In most cases, termites approach the dwelling through the foundation. The foundation of some houses being wood encourages the termites. Thus, ensuring a separation of the soil and foundation wood is critical to stopping the termite invasion. The distance will deter the attack of the termites on your foundation. Use stones and cement as a barrier between the soil and the wooden area. While it is important to do it around the house, emphasize on the side of the garden. Foundation repair Houston Texas is a great place to start your search if you ever find yourself in need of this type of home repair. 

Declutter Your House

Termites and other pests, in general, thrive best in dark, neglected areas. Thus carrying out an initiative to declutter your house will hinder their spread. Old magazines, cardboard boxes and excess papers are examples of clustered material that provide termites with good grounds to host their colonies.

In case, a section of your house is attacked by termites, clear the area of all the furniture and other materials. Check the items thoroughly before storing them in a different room. If you are unsure, it is advisable to put them under the sun for a while first. Look for the cause of termite invasion in the affected area and deal with them before restoring the items.

Use Termite Repellents

Prevention is better than cure. Knowing you could face a termite problem in the future, it is smart to prepare for the fight. Using termite repellents such as borate can be a step towards warding off termites. Spray the repellent on wood before priming and coating. The wood will absorb the repellent and will deter termites from gnawing on it.

Repellents can be used on the wood used for door frames, window frames and furniture. After it has dried up, you can apply paint on top of it. You could opt for natural repellents or those in-between chemicals and natural once for protection from termites. They assure up to a decade of termite repelling.

At the end of the day, the bottom line to dealing with termites lies in regular check-ups. Go around your house checking for damage and mud tubes which are a sign of termites. Immediately you detect their presence, it is imperative to act immediately. If the termites persist using pest services like Excel Pest Services could be the solution you need. They won’t leave your house until they eliminate all termites.

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  1. You make a great point about eliminating moisture to help prevent termites. My uncle is concerned he might have termites at his home. He’s hoping to find a reputable professional who can come out and fix it.

  2. Recently we renovated our old home by constructing a new room upstairs and also improved our room interiors. We also had a pest treatment in our home to be protected from rodents and other insects but was not successful. The pest control agents whom we gave contract were not much experienced and as a result, the pesticides were not effective. After a month I could find some rats and cockroaches roaming around my room. So it’s better to go for a professional pest controller.

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