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Save 20% Off Entire Maternity Department At Macy’s

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I just recently had baby number four and am so thrilled to have an impressive stash of maternity clothes to wear these next few months. If you are a first time mom-to-be, you may think that maternity clothes will only last those last several months when your baby bump is showing. That is so far from the truth! Your body takes many months to snap back and you are going to want to stick to those maternity clothes a few months longer. I got the majority of my maternity clothing from Macy’s not only because they have great style and quality clothing, but the prices are incredible! If you head over to their website right now, you are going to see that the entire maternity department has been market down 20%… time to stock up! Here are some of my favorite clothes that I just loved during my pregnancy:

Save 20% Off Entire Maternity Department At Macy'sMaternity Long-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirts:

I own over a dozen of these maternity t-shirts and they quickly became my go-to tops when my belly started to grow. They are simple, comfortable and the ruched sides allows them to grow with you during your pregnancy. I have been wearing them since the second trimester and still have plenty of room to grow in them, the fabric is perfect for your growing belly. Whether you are pairing them with jeans, leggings or shorts… they go with every outfit! These t-shirts are also very affordable compared to the fancier tops, and seeing that you only need these shirts during pregnancy and a few months after… I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on the fancier ones. If you are looking for simplicity, comfort and affordability when it comes to maternity tops… these are the way to go!

These BumpStart Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Two-Pack are marked down at a price you can’t beat, check it out!


Save 20% Off Entire Maternity Department At Macy'sRuched Tank Tops:

If you are looking to extend the life of your non-maternity clothes, these ruched tank tops are the way to go! I wear them under some of my favorite sweatshirts and regular tops so that I can still sport them without my belly falling out the bottom. They are also really great to wear around the house when you are in the third trimester and those dreaded hot flashes start to kick in. I swear everyone in the house will be freezing and begging for my to turn down the A/C…. meanwhile I am sweating bullets and out of breathe! Pairing these tanks with some comfortable maternity leggings or pajama bottoms has been my go-to outfit while at home. These are also another article of maternity clothing that I purchased a ton of… I practically have them in every color! If you are yet again looking for comfort, and also wanting to get away with wearing your non-maternity tops a bit longer, I suggest grabbing several of these ruched tank tops!

Save 20% Off Entire Maternity Department At Macy'sMotherhood Maternity Boot-Cut Jeans:

There is only one article of maternity clothing that I recommend not going with the cheapest and investing in a quality and that is jeans! I made the mistake of purchasing some for cheap and they turned out to be my least comfortable jeans! I purchased a few of the Motherhood maternity jeans and they are by far the most comfortable jeans I have owned! How do they differ from the cheaper pairs that I purchased? The belly band!  I am telling you with much experience that this belly band on the jeans is going to make all the difference when you are in the final months of pregnancy. The other jeans I purchased have a much stiffer and thicker band, I felt like I was constantly having to adjust it in order to get comfortable. Motherhood Maternity makes their jeans with something called a “Secret Fit Belly” band that is very stretch and supportive. You can easily adjust it to go over the belly, or wear tucked under the belly. Either way… they are very comfortable and flattering, with great support… plus they are stylish! Learn from my lesson, just go with these jeans… you will not regret it. Plus there is an amazing sale on these Motherhood Maternity Boot-Cut Jeans right now!!

So there you have it, these three items are literally what my maternity wardrobe has consisted of these past 8 months! If there is anything that this pregnancy has taught me is that I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Make sure to head over to the website and take advantage of 20% OFF THE ENTIRE Maternity Department At Macy’s . The deals are incredible!!  Sale Date:  1/3/20 – 1/5/20

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