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RuggedButts May Outfit Review

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RuggedButts May Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

Clothing Reviewed

Boys Swim Trunks & coordinating Rash Guards:

White ‘Sailing Team’ Rash Guard: “The fabric is made with UPF 50 built-in sun protection, so he can stay safe while out in the sun. Made from 80% nylon / 20% Spandex…”

La Paloma Plaid Swim Trunks: “With a comfy elastic waist and drawstring to keep them in place, they will withstand a summer of cannonballs and wave jumping.”

RuggedButts May Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

 Our RuggedButts May Outfit Review

The weather has been hitting mid eighties the past few weeks, so the kids and I have spent lots of time outdoors splashing in the kiddie pool and playing with the water table. My adorable son inherited his father’s complexion and light blonde hair, something that makes him very prone to sunburns. I feel like a spend all summer chasing him around with a bottle of sunscreen in order to protect that delicate skin. It’s far too hot and uncomfortable to play outside in the sprinklers with a t-shirt on and my son will take it off the second her gets wet. Keeping a hat on him is also a difficult task and there is no way I am going to convince a three year old to contently play under a beach umbrella. So what is a mother to do in order to protect her fair skinned three year old from sunburns without having to chase him around all summer long?

RuggedButts May Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

We recently had the opportunity to review the perfect kid’s summer swimwear that will allow me to spend less time chasing my son around and more time running around with him. The adorable, cozy and lightweight rash guard is made with fabric that contains UPF 50 built-in sun protection. My son is so incredibly picky about the tops he wears in the water and I am very rarely able to convince him to keep one on. He didn’t complain once when we were in the yard playing in his kiddie pool and never once asked me to take his shirt off. The nylon/spandex fabric is perfect and allows my son not to feel uncomfortable when it gets wet.

My son has a tiny little waist and I am constantly having to pull up his swim trunks the second they get wet in the water. We have tried a variety of different trunks to prevent this, but the weight of the water absorbed by the shorts always caused them to slip down. I was so delighted to discover that the La Paloma Plaid Swim Trunks were very lightweight, just like the rash guard. I absolutely love the material, these trunks just seem so incredibly comfy and breathable when my son wears them. The elastic waste and tie are the perfect combination and completely eliminates the whole issue we previously had with other trunks always falling off. 

RuggedButts May Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

So now that I have explained to you how much I love this months RuggedButts outfit, the real question is… what did the little guy think? Because that’s truly the most important opinion! My son has been extremely picky about clothes for as long as I can remember and will flat out refuse to wear something that he doesn’t like. The second we opened the RuggedButts package, this outfit had to be put on him immediately! I actually had to run errands that afternoon and he would not allow me to take it off… so that is what he wore! This truly says a lot about the outfit because my son changes his outfit numerous times a day, there is always a reason why he needs a new one on. When bedtime came around… it took quite a bit of convincing to get him out of this outfit and into some pajamas. I really think it’s the high quality fabric and comfortableness that has made this his favorite swim outfit. I am so relieved to have discovered a swim outfit that we can both agree on!

RuggedButts May Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

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