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RuggedButts Black Pinstripe Outfit Review

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Pieces Featured in the Review

Black Pinstripe Vest: Your little man will be strutting his stuff in this super stylish vest. Pair with the matching pants and you may have to keep the little ladies away!
Black Pinstripe Pants: Dress him up in style with these classic pinstripe pants! Super comfy and sure to please, they are perfect for a special occasion!
White Formal Button Down: Your little man will be looking spiffy as ever in this crisp, clean and quite dapper formal white shirt. He’ll stand out on his own, but to add an extra touch, the shirt even has an option of traditional style cuffs or spicing it up French style.

RuggedButts Black Pinstripe Outfit Review #ruggedbutts

My Review

I may be a bit biased here, but how incredibly handsome does my little man look in this adorable black pinstripe outfit? You would not believe how many compliments he receives when wearing this outfit, a true lady’s man at only four years old. I love how comfortable and soft this outfit is for being dressier, it’s not at all stuff or scratchy. All three pieces compliment and go together perfectly, making it a great outfit for any special occasion. If you have a wedding to attend or just want your son to look extra handsome for pictures, this is the ideal outfit. The white dress shirt is quite light and breathable, so you won’t have to worry about your child getting too hot. The buttons are sewn on very well, which is something I always triple check because little kids are always breaking and losing buttons off from their clothes. I am especially excited about the front pockets on the vest and a single pocket on the pants, as this is something my son loves having on his clothes. He always makes sure to keep a small toy, such as a matchbox car, in his pocket to have when we are out running errands and he gets bored. Pockets are always something I look for in an outfit because he utilizes them so much, plus it gives the outfit a sophisticated look.

Overall I am completely happy and in love with this outfit, the overall quality and style are spectacular and I could not be more pleased. With the holidays coming up I know this will be the perfect outfit for my son to wear and the high quality material assures me it is going to survive my rugged four year old. We plan on doing some family pictures this month and I can not wait to have some professional pictures of him in this amazing outfit. If you are looking for a quality outfit for your son and your families special occasions, I highly recommend you consider this one!


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