How To Keep The Little Ones Amused Indoors

How To Keep The Little Ones Amused IndoorsWith Autumn welcoming us with its warm colored leaves and icy breezes, we tend to go into hibernation, and while there really isn’t any need to do this as the cold air is good for us – it’s sometimes necessary if the heavens decide to open. And while you might enjoy getting cozy inside by the fire, your kids will most likely be bored – and will express this in many of those annoying ways they’re oh so good at. So to save you from the headache – here are the best things you can do with your children indoors that they will not only enjoy, but you will too.

Treasure hunt

If you want to tap into your child’s explorer side, set up a treasure hunt around the home and hide away special treasures. You can even make a little map along with what they need to find to make it even more realistic. Or if they’re older, write out clues and riddles as their way of finding what has been hidden.

Room tidying competition

Oh yeah. This will benefit you in many different ways, and will actually encourage your children to clean up after themselves in a new and exciting fashion. Plus, your kids will be able to make as much of a mess as they like beforehand… Within reason. Set a timer that is able to be heard, or even just count yourself until they have finished tidying their room, and the winner of the competition gets a prize.

Pizza party

Have a look online on how to make a homemade pizza – it really isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Pop to the shops to get your ingredients and toppings, as well as a movie, and then go back home and make magic happen. You could make a half and half pizza, or even a quarter pizza with four different toppings (for the indecisive ones!) Once that’s done and cooked, get cozy in front of the tv and put on your favorite movie. Bon appetite!

Make a den

Who doesn’t like den making? Like, really? Before making any building plans though, it’s important to stick on some tunes to get the creative mind flowing, as there’s a lot to consider. How big should the den be? – Spacious, or just big enough to hide from the evil teddy? Do you need protection so it can’t be destroyed? Or is the invisible protection spell enough to stop it from being smashed?

Paint portraits

Whether it actually resembles you is a whole other story – but that doesn’t matter. It’s a very amusing way of you finding out how your children see you, whether that be a peach blob with red lips that reach your ears, or a stick man with brown ropes on top of your head. Either way, it’s beautiful, and you’ll love it, because your child made it.

While they’re painting you, return the favor and paint them. You could even put funny things in the background to make them giggle. So no need to worry – you’re now covered for those indoor days that so many parents dread.

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