Robot vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner: what is the best for cleaning?

Cleaning is a domestic chore you can hardly call favorite. But, still, it is a chore you have to do at least twice a week if you want a comfortable living. Some factors make a cleaning process harder. These are dogs and cats shedding their hair, children, long pile carpets and so on. There are also the devices that can help you to ease the chore, for example, vacuum cleaners and so-called carpet cleaners.

 So, in this article, we compare these two devices and find out which one is the best thing for cleaning the house. But before we get started, we will make the comparison a bit harder; we will overview the robotic vacuum cleaner instead of the regular one. 

 Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum is a modern intelligent device that can work autonomously without any participation from your side. The thing is programmable, and you can control it via the mobile app, Smart Hub, and any other remote controller. After you program the day and the hour of the vacuuming, you can forget about cleaning, for the robot will work by itself.

    The main features of the Robot Vacuum cleaners

   Common features

 Robot vacuum cleaners have mostly round shape with a low profile design that allows it to reach the areas under the furniture. There are also several brands on the market (Neato, Dibea) that produce devices of the other shapes. 

 Every robot vacuum has a front panel equipped with the sensor; it’s some kind of an eye to see the obstacles and make a decision on how to overcome them. The same sensors are located on the bottom of the device to prevent its falling from the stairs.

 Every robot vacuum has its battery and needs a regular recharge. The average work without recharging is about 80 minutes. There are several models (ex., Roomba 980) that have an extremely long battery life ― up to 120 minutes.

Cleaning features

 There are different types of robot vacuum cleaners that appeal to different pockets.

  • Vacuum cleaners themselves. These robot devices have no additional cleaning functions. They even don’t have brushes to collect the dirt. Such robots use only sucking power for vacuuming; they collect dust, soil and pet hair through the narrow slot in the bottom of the device straight into the dustbin. As you can see, such devices are rather cheap and can work only on the hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces.
  • Robot vacuums equipped with brushes. Robot Vacuums with different brush types are higher in price as well as more efficient in cleaning and vacuuming. These devices except the sucking power also use one or two circular brushes that collect the dirt before the robot vacuums it into the dustbin. Robot vacuums with brushes can collect the dirt and soil from the plain surface and clean low pile carpets. They are efficient for the pet hair.
  • Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners with mopping functions allow not only vacuum the surface but also mop it with a wet cloth located on the bottom of the device. The essential thing about this type of the robot vacuum is that before you start mopping, you should finish the vacuuming itself. Moppin robot vacuums work on the plain surfaces perfectly. The problems can occur on the carpets.

 Carpet cleaners

 First of all, the carpet cleaners are not robotic. These are the devices like the regular vacuums but designed for strict and total carpet cleaning.

 The main features of the carpet cleaners

 Most of the carpet cleaners (Bissell, Hoover) is designed as a regular stick or portable vacuum cleaners. But they have several essential differences. First of all, they have one or two water tanks; one is for clear water, the other (if it exists) is for the dirt that it will vacuum after the rug is wet. If the device has one water tank, it means, that the reservoir is divided into two parts for clean and dirty water. These devices are more powerful than regular vacuums and fit all types of rugs.

Cleaning features

Carpet cleaners are perfect for households with lots of rugs, pets, and children. They have a very powerful motor as well as they have perfect sucking power to deep cleaning even the long pile carpets. All of these devices have in-built circular brushes and one or two water tanks to make a wet cleaning. Some of them allow washing the carpets even with hot water and some chemical agents.

Features about carpet cleaners you can dislike

  •  They are very loud. So, if you have babies, the carpet cleaner is not for you.
  • They are very heavy. You have to push an pull the device during the cleaning. So, you can imagine, how hard it can be to work with such a massive device.
  • You need dry vacuuming anyway. Wet cleaning is good, but not good enough if you forget to make dry vacuuming before. In case, you forgot, you can find your carpet become even dirtier.

 Robot vacuums and carpet cleaners: what to choose?

Well, it’s obvious that if you have a great number of rugs and carpets, the carpet cleaner is your device. But in other cases, robot vacuum cleaner can solve every cleaning problem as well as it can save your time. According to the information on the site, there are a lot of different brands and models of robot vacuums cleaners. So, you can choose the one that will fit your needs perfectly.

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