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Renovating on a Budget: 7 Easy DIY Home Upgrades You Can Do for Under $100

Our homes should always be the most favourite place where we look up to being after our day-to-day activities. You can achieve this by renovating your current home to become your dream home. Fortunately, you won’t need to wait until you have thousands or millions of dollars to start upgrading your home. Below are easy DIY home upgrade ideas that will cost you less than $100 to complete. Please read on.

1.    A Ceiling Fan

Fans can be very essential home improvement factor, especially during the hot summers. It’ll save you the need of having an AC (which is quite expensive). You’ll also spend less on your energy bills plus enjoying several other benefits. Installation of a ceiling fan is not that difficult, more so if you have an overhead light fixture already in place.

2.    Easy Custom Cabinets

New custom cabinets can cost more than $100. However, you can shop secondhand stores for such then apply wood trim and a fresh coat of paint to make them look brand new. This way, you’ll have more functional space which you can use for different purposes without digging deep into your finances.

3.    A Natural Privacy Wall

There are instances where you require some privacy both inside and outside the house. You can enhance this by planting a natural privacy wall around your home compound. You can decide to grow evergreens or bamboo in the yard. The management of evergreens is easier than with bamboo. You can consult a professional plumber to help ensure water is properly conveyed to the plants and to help with any water-related problems you may be experiencing in your home.

4.    Backyard Lights

Perhaps one of the reasons why people love dining out is because of the romantic mood created in such places, right? Well, who said you can’t create such an environment in your own home for less than $100? It’s simple, have a set of string lights in your backyard. This will create a romantic mood allowing you to enjoy a more inviting outdoor dining experience regardless of your lifestyle. You may also decide to pair your lights with a space heater. You may also want to consider a backflow preventer installation for this particular project.

5.    Dimmers and Timers

Adding dimmers to your wall and putting lights on timers can be a great way of controlling your home lighting at a very convenient cost. The dimmers will enable you to enjoy an amazing mood lighting while saving on your energy costs.   

6.    Paint the Interior of Your Home

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your home can cost you a very small amount while adding an amazing style to your home. You can brighten up your home by choosing a neutral shade for your kitchen and bold accent wall in the living room. You can dedicate one weekend for the same depending on the size of your home.

7.    LED Under-Cabinet Lights

Adding these lights to your kitchen can be super easy. You’ll be able to enjoy convenient cooking both during the day and at night because they can fully illuminate your counter space. You won’t have to worry about too much heat in the kitchen since the lights hardly generate any heat.


There are lots of home upgrades, such as the ones mentioned above, that you can do as a homeowner at a price below $100. These upgrades will allow you to have a convenient DIY home improvement even when on a tight budget. You can also look out for other home hacks themed blogs to learn more about easy and cost-effective DIY home upgrades. Good luck!

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