Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats

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Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats


About Purr-Packs

“Each Purr-Pack container is chock-a-block full of fun toys, grooming supplies, fashion items and delicious treats. The actual number varies based on the unique value and size of each item inside. On average, a budget Teaser Pack includes 4-6 items, while our larger packs can contain anywhere from 7-15 items.”

My Review

Prior to having children, my husband and I adopted an adorable little kitten, named her Tiger and spoiled her rotten. She is over eight years old now and she is now spoiled by our entire family. The children are always picking out little treats for her at the grocery store because she embraces gifts so adorably. So when I discovered that there was a subscription box service for cats, I just knew my little Tiger would love it. Purr-Packs offers 1, 3 or 6 month subscription service, all of which include name brand products for your beloved kitty cat, you can even choose your preferred cat snack flavor(s.) Now I have done quite a few reviews for subscription box reviews and I have come to expect that they typically come in a smaller sized box. However, I was shocked when Tiger’s Purr-Pack arrived in a large, heavy box with her name written on the top,. I was even more surprised upon opening when I discovered it was packed full with cat stuff.

Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats

 My cat immediately came running to the box, as she always does when we yell for her. I knew that she would instantly recognize the cat treats and It was so adorable watching her explore everything in the box. As I am pulling stuff out of the box, she was just going to town trying to work her way to the bottom. My three year old son and I were hysterical over her persistence and were entertained for a good half hour. I finally realized that there was catnip sprinkled throughout the box. which had settled to the bottom during shipment. I must say that that was a fantastic idea of Purr-Pack’s and it really added to the whole experience.

Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats

As you can see from the image below, Tiger received a very decent variety of named brand items in her box. There was actually another ball included in the box, but my cat kept throwing it around and we lost track of it for the photo shoot. She was having so much fun with the cat nip, toys and treats that I was at finding myself extremely satisfied with each and every item we received.

So after an hour of fun and trying on her new collar, eating treats, playing ball and being groomed by my son, I began to gather things up that needed to be thrown out. I proceeded to pick up the box, only to realize that it still seemed pretty heavy. I took out the sorter, which was holding all of the items, only to discover that there was a scratching box at the bottom! I could not believe there was more! We sprinkled it in cat nip and Tiger was once again having the time of her life, what a wonderful surprise treat.

Below you can see the catnip sprinkled throughout the box and Tiger refusing to let me throw the box away. She was a very happy and spoiled kitty that afternoon!

Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats

Overall I would have to say that this subscription box went above and beyond to provide an exceptional service that completely exceeded my expectations. There was not a single item that I found to be cheap/poor quality and we use the stuff every day. This was such a great way to bond with our cat and show her how much we love her, as well as discover new products. If you are a cat lover that enjoys spoiling your beloved kitty as much as we do, then I highly recommend you visit Purr-Packs today and order a  box. You will not be disappointed!

Purr-Packs Review: A Subscription Box For Cats


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