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Purify The Air In Your Home With a Venta Airwasher

A special thanks to Venta Airwasher for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!

The one thing I miss most about living in Maine is the fresh air coming in through the windows. There is just something so relaxing about a cool summer day and the gentle breeze filling your home. Since moving to Georgia a year and a half ago, I discovered that open windows are no longer an option. All of the homes here are equipped with central air, the harsh humidity forces us to keep windows shut and the cool air running. We are a family of five and things can get awfully stuffy in the home when we don’t have the option of letting the fresh air in. Thankfully I have discovered a way to purify the Air In Your Home with a Venta Airwasher. I have used air purifiers in the past but eventually lost interest because there was so much maintenance and I was always forgetting to buy new filters. Keeping up with three kids is enough work on its own, the last thing I needed was an air purifier that required so much upkeep!

Purify The Air In Your Home With a Venta Airwasher

The LW45 Airwasher is the best large room humidifier and air purifier on the market, and has been engineered to capture more allergens and particulate matter than any other model! The LW45 is ideal for areas up to 800 square feet and accommodates our main living area perfectly. The dual-action air washer system not only cleans the air, it also adds the right level of moisture to it giving you and your family top of the line humidifier and purifier benefits. Venta Airwashers do not require a filter, eliminating any concern about hygiene or messy clean up. 

Purify The Air In Your Home With a Venta Airwasher

This is truly very simple and easy to both set up and maintain. The disk stack can easily be removed from the base, allowing you to easily remove for cleaning. Once placed back into the base, you can then add your tap water to the base. There is a clearly marked fill line to ensure you add the appropriate amount of water. You can also add the Venta Water Treatment every 10-14 days, this will help to maintain hygienic conditions in the lower housing, as well as improve the evaporation process. This is also a great way to diffuse essential oils into your home, Venta Airwasher actually has their own line of oils that you can use with their airwashers.

Purify The Air In Your Home With a Venta Airwasher

The Venta Airwasher also has a convenient auto shut-off feature, an electronic water level indicator, it’s light and durable (weighing only 13lbs.) This is also very energy-efficient and requires very little power (<10 watts.)
Purify The Air In Your Home With a Venta Airwasher

Once you have added the water and place the upper housing back on top, you can go ahead and plug you Venta Airwasher in! The operator panel is very simple to use with an on/off light and three speed controls. If you have little ones at home you will be happy to know that the Venta Airwarsher contains a built in automatic safety shut off. As soon as the upper housing is lifted off from the lower housing, the motor shuts off. Overall this has been amazing to have in our home, I have noticed a major difference in the decrease of dust in the home. My son and I had previously been waking up very stuffy in the mornings and this has subsided since using the Venta Airwasher in the home. I have noticed so much improvement in the air quality within our home after just a month of using this and I am so pleased with the results. If you are looking for a simple and very effective way to clean and purify the air in your home, I highly recommend you look into the Venta Airwashers.

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