How To Avoid The Affects Of Hay Fever This Season

​Certain conditions can be quite annoying. In this day and age, most of the respiratory diseases are no longer life threatening. We are able to treat most of them with various drugs and treatments. However, the fact that we can treat them doesn’t mean they are not posing a long term issue to people who are affected. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is such illness. As it name implies this allergic reaction usually appears during spring and summer when flowers are blooming. It can be caused by tree, flower, grass and weed pollen. Also, in some cases, it can be developed through direct contact with animal’s hair and dust.

How To Avoid The Affects Of Hay Fever This SeasonLike any type of allergy, this condition affects people who are especially sensitive to various factors from our environment. Each time patients gets into contact with one of before mentioned allergens, reaction happens within the body. Unlike normal organism, that is able to shrug off these substances, person who has allergic rhinitis immediately gets inflamed. His nasal passages become swollen, red and itchy which leads to sneezing and additional creation of mucus within the nose. This makes breathing problematic.
​Luckily, in most cases, there are no additional symptoms besides those of rhinitis. However, some people have experienced nosebleed, headache and even fatigue. The most problematic thing about this condition is that it can lead to asthma. Although allergic rhinitis is mostly seasonal condition, our body may get agitated to a point that it becomes chronic. This is when patient gets asthma and his life changes to worse. It is important for patients to determine what allergen (or allergens) causes this reaction. Have in mind that some people exhibit delayed reaction. So, we are not able to tell what causes allergy until we do all the necessary medical tests. After determining what the problem is, it becomes much easier to treat this condition.
​The best way to protect ourselves is by avoiding allergens. Given that this is a seasonal disease, it would be good if patient could take vacation during this period and go to a place with a different climate. Also, if patient’s job allows so, work at home is recommended. Most of the people use medication such as Avamys during this period so that they can relieve symptoms of rhinitis.

How To Avoid The Affects Of Hay Fever This Season
Avamys is corticosteroid. This means that the drug directly prevents allergy by inhibiting function of chemicals that are causing it. In terms, this also reduces or eliminates inflammation and all the symptoms that go with it. It comes in a form of nasal spray and it should be administered just before haying season. The drug needs to be used during entire spring and summer.​
​Experts from You! Drugstore emphasize that Avamys should not be used by people who have tuberculosis, severe liver diseases, individuals who had nasal surgery or injury or patients who have sinus or nasal infection. Common issues that may appear when person is using Avamys are headache, ulceration and nosebleed. In some cases, severe allergies, dryness, pain and various irritations may occur.

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