Preparing Your Body For Winter With These 4 Easy Steps

It seems only a few days ago we were out and about in the sunshine, enjoying the hot weather, BBQs, long summery evenings and the sweet smell of cut grass, honeysuckle and the occasional ice cream treat! But now the evenings are much darker, much quickly, the temperature is dropping and we’re all searching for the winter coats we banished all those months ago.

There’s lots to look forward to during the colder months of the year, but if you want to enjoy them to the full, then you need to be ready for whatever the seasons can throw at you. Lets looks at these 4 easy ways you can prepare your body for what’s ahead.

Your skin

Everyone knows that cold, harsh weather can wreak havoc on your skin. So now is the time to switch up your skin care routine. Get yourself a good moisturiser, exfoliator, BB cream – click here if you’re wondering “what is bb cream?” – and change up your foundation to protect you for the months ahead. It’s also good for your skin to get a good dose of vitamin D, especially when the days are dark and gloomy. It’ll boost your mood and give your skin a much needed lift. Always remember to wear a foundation with a good SPF in it. The sun might not be hot, but it’s UV rays are just as dangerous.

Plan your meals

The BBQ has been stored away until next year, and now that the weather is rubbish, the last thing you’ll want to do is head to the shops to find your next meal. Planning your meals in advance means you can do one shopping trip, and plan some big, hearty meals filled with all the gorgeous vegetables of the season. And it’s not all about veg – don’t forget you can indulge yourself a bit more now the colder weather has set in!

Keep working out

Heading to the gym in the car on snow covered roads or in the pitch black after work is enough to put the hardest of gym goers off until another time. But exercise during the winter months is not only great for keeping your weight in check, keeping your joints and muscles active and mobile – but also for your mental health too, and can even help to fight off feelings of depression – something which is prominent in the darker months of the year. So, if heading out in the freezing cold doesn’t take your fancy, then do a workout at home instead. Some simple cardio workouts to get the blood pumping, or some kettlebell or hand weight routines will keep those muscles active. You’ll feel great too. 

Stay hydrated

Some will argue that it’s easier to keep hydrated in the summer because we’re hot and thirsty. But in the colder months of the year, drinking water sometimes takes a back seat. Not getting enough fluids will make you feel tired and lethargic, so invest in a cute reusable water bottle and drink up!

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