Popularity of Online slots among young adults explained

We wonder whether the inventor of the world’s first commercially viable slot machine Charles D. Fey would have ever anticipated the incredible popularity that his invention holds in the modern day. In fact, the very concept of online slots would most probably make him faint; such is the incredible amount of technological evolution that has happened to his world conquering gambling invention. 

Seriously, online slots these days are so incredibly advanced that it can be very easy to forget that they come from very humble origins. Developers such as Big Time Gaming, Play N GO and NetEnt have been making sure that the industry is constantly evolving, and thanks to them we are seeing hundreds of thousands of new online slot gamblers entering the fray every year. This is particularly true amongst young adults, but why? Read on for the popularity of online slots among young adults explained. 

Increased practicality 

One of the main things that online slots brought to the table in relation to their land-based cousins is the fact that they are so much more practical. Just think about it: in order to spin the reels of a land-based slot machine you must first find a brick and mortar casino to go too, whereas with online slots real money you can spin the reels from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, due to the emergence of mobile slots young adults can now gamble on slots from pretty much anywhere they find themselves. We all know how much young adults love their smartphones too, so it is pretty much a match made in heaven! 

Quality HD graphics 

One aspect of online slots that wasn’t quite there during the early 2000s was their graphics, however that has all changed nowadays, as developers like Yggdrasil and Inspired Gaming have made it their priority to create online slot games with truly scintillating HD visuals. Whilst this is good news for everyone, it is particularly exciting for the legions of young adults who love video games in the 21st century. 

In fact, brand new modern online slot games such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming showcase such incredible graphics that you can easily be mistaken into thinking that you are playing an actual video game – they are just that good!  

Huge jackpot prizes 

What is the ultimate reason behind why people love gambling so much? Why, it is all about the jackpot prizes of course! Whilst slot jackpots have always had the potential to be pretty big, nowadays to the sheer amount of gamblers trying their luck developers and online casinos can afford to offer some outrageously large prizes. 

Just check out stuff like Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network, for example, this has been responsible for turning several people into millionaires in the last year alone – cannot argue with that! 

Exciting bonus features 

Bonus rounds are also getting better and better in the modern day, something that will directly appeal to young adults used to computer games.

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