How can slot games impact negatively on some people

Everyone who is careful and who takes the time to read the rules and create a budget in advance can have fun playing slot games. That’s what they’re there for, and it’s a hobby that many people have taken to, particularly over the last few months of lockdown and coronavirus. 

The only issue with these slot games is that some people are negatively impacted by them. Whether they have been playing for a long time or they’ve only just begun, these negative points can really have a major effect on their lives as a whole, and they have to be careful. If you fin you are being negatively impacted by slots, it’s best to walk away even if you are also having fun. Here are some of the problems that can occur. 


Probably the biggest issue with online slots, and perhaps the one that people will think of if they are asked to come up with problems revolving around these games is addiction. If someone becomes addicted to playing, they will spend too much money and too much time playing, and this will clearly have a potentially devastating impact on the rest of their lives. They might miss out on seeing loved ones or spending time with their children. They might take days off work just to play their games. They might borrow money they can’t afford to pay off, getting themselves into even more trouble. In the worst cases, they might lose their home. 

Some people simply have addictive personalities, and there will always be something that they have to be wary of; this might be slots. Others will only be addicted to slots for some reason, whatever that might be. 

Trying To Chase Losses

Even if you’re not addicted as such, slots can still take over your life and you can still play them far more that you should if you attempt to chase your losses. Chasing losses is the idea that, if you have lost money on a game, you can just keep playing, perhaps spending more and more to do so, until you win it all back. Thinking of the law of averages, this might even make sense, but the fact that slots use an RNG (random number generator) means that it actually isn’t going to work. You might spend millions of pounds and still not get a win, whereas others might spend a few pennies and come away with a life changing jackpot. 

You cannot and should not chase losses on any game, but especially not on slots as you are sure to lose more than you could ever possibly win back. 

If you are worried that you might start to chase your losses, even if you know it’s not the right thing to do, you should make sure you have a strict budget in mind. If you do, and you never go over it, then even if you do lose everything you won’t be out of pocket and it won’t affect you too badly.

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