Picking out the Best Car Cover for long travel

Picking out the Best Car Cover for long travelDeciding for to get is all about your intended use and location. You wouldn’t buy the same car cover protect a car in the Phoenix wasteland as you would for the daily 5 o’clock rain in Florida or for a car that never simply leaves the garage area except on ideal times.

While color and price are part of your decision, your choice is eventually determined by your use situation.

Unfortunately, there is no best car cover for all situations and uses.

UV and Sun Heat

If your primary use is security from the Sun, UV, and extremely hot, you are most likely looking for a car cover made of Sunbrella. This solution-dyed polymer content is naturally UV-resistant and very durable. It will not break down from a long day of hot sun and heat exposure for quite a long time.


For excessive rain, you want to look for an outdoor car cover that has largely weaved microfibers for high water-repellency and is handled for mold growth. An excellent car cover that can block rain will have 3-5 layers to add to the waterproof and car cover against falling waste.

Snow & Ice

For snow, frost, and ice you want a similar car cover to what I described above for rain. This is because you don’t want ice developing under the car cover against the car else, you threat damaging factors if you try to get rid of the Chevy truck covers while frozen.

Never remove an all-weather cover frozen to a car. If you must remove an all-weather car cover with ice under it I suggest flowing some 70 degrees to hot water (NOT HOT) over the car cover to burn the ice so it can be pulled off quickly.

There are also covers out there made for ice security. These covers truly are water resistant because they are meant to end the development of ice under the car cover and be detachable as soon as the surprise is over, or when you must keep for work.


Anything other than hail and light sleet will need a hail protection specific car cover. A car cover with thick layers can offer some security to hail smaller but anything bigger will still keep marks.

There are water hail protections and padded car covers that can protect against the bigger hail while you will see them seem to be silly and better than broken windows, blemishes, and increased insurance premium. Good waterproof car covers can protect your little baby from harsh factors such as snow, rainfall, or hail.

Dust & Dirt

For dust and dirt, you need a custom-fit car cover. There is no other option. If you reside in an area, where there is a lot of breeze and mud flying around an unsuitable car covers will cause to dust stuck between the car cover and paint job of your car that will act same as sand paper on the paint job of your car.

Look for an all-weather cover with largely weaved and padded fabric that fits carefully to the car.


If you are in search of dings, dents and scratches protection of your car covers, you should find a wider, padded car cover. Such type of car covers will help with the periodic bicycle handlebar or basketball effect as your kids move around your Chevy truck or cars vehicle.

If you want to block only the light scratches from cat nails or family cleaning against the car while walking in and out of the house, then you can get away with the slimmer dust avoiding covers.

Bugs, Tree Sap Bird dropping,

If your car is going to sit outdoor under plants, you need to discover an all-weather cover made of largely weaved layers, so these pollutants remain on the surface of the car cover.

A slim inexpensive car cover will allow this dropping to work their way to paint job of your car.

Car Cover Lining Importance

One of the key elements of a car cover that individuals never think about is the liner of the car cover. Since the biggest problem with using an all-weather cover is the potential to the paint job of your car it is essential only purchase covers that are promoted as having a smooth coating made of wool, micro-fiber, polypropylene fabric, weaved nylon material.

I would never consider an all-weather cover that did not mention anything about being soothing on the paint job of your car. You will discover this a lot on inexpensive no-name covers on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Partial Protection Car Covers

You may not realize it but you can buy covers that the only car covers a portion of your automobile. This may be useful if you’re just looking protect the items in the bed of your vehicle while sitting, the cab windows while sitting in the sun, or protect the detachable hardtop on your sports convertible Miata while saving it.

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  1. I like that you took the time to discuss the important factors to consider in getting a corvette car cover. My wife and I will have to look for a hail-proof car cover since it can concur less damage to the car if a hailstorm happens. We will need an Auto Accessory expert to consult to look for these shockproof car covers.

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