6 Steps to Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

When you are expecting your new bundle of joy, it’s important to create a healthy body to ensure your baby’s safe development and arrival. Your health must, therefore, become your priority during the next nine months. Care for your body by reading the six steps to staying healthy during pregnancy.

  1. A Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is important during pregnancy. No longer are you caring for yourself, but you’re also caring for another life. That’s why you must ensure you consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Carbohydrates should also make up more than a third of food you consume, so aim to eat healthy whole grain options, such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice. You’ll also need to increase your energy levels by consuming protein each day, such as beans, lean meat, and pulses. Try to consume two portions of oily fish a week, too, such as salmon or mackerel, but it’s crucial that you avoid raw fish (for example, shellfish).

  1. Take Supplements

Every expectant mommy must take a folic acid supplement for the first three months of pregnancy. This handy supplement aids your baby’s development, as it can prevent a neural tube defect, such as spina bifida. Some expectant mothers may, however, need to take a higher dose of folic acid each day, so you must discuss the correct dosage level for you with a doctor or midwife. You’ll also need to take a vitamin D supplement throughout the pregnancy, which supports the development of your baby’s skeleton and bone health.

If you do not eat fish, consider taking a fish oil supplement with omega-3. You should avoid fish liver oil options, which can contain retinol that can harm your unborn child. Again, talk to your doctor or midwife regarding the best vitamins for your body.

  1. Understand the Symptoms to Expect

Expect your body to experience many changes with each passing week. For example, Pampers offers a detailed guide for when you’re 16 weeks pregnant so that you can learn about skin changes, back pain, and nosebleeds. You can also find informative advice on when to call your doctor, monitoring your weight, and blood test screening.

  1. Practice Good Food Hygiene

Good food hygiene is imperative for both your baby and body. For instance, you must store raw foods away from ready-to-eat products, and you must carefully wash all utensils, chopping boards, and your hands after handling raw meat.

  1. Avoid Select Foods

There are some foods which are best avoided throughout your pregnancy. For example, you must not consume pate, soft or mold-ripened cheeses, undercooked ready meals, unpasteurized milk, raw eggs, raw meats, and coffee. It is also important you quit smoking and drinking alcohol immediately to avoid causing harm to your baby.

  1. Perform Gentle Exercises

Gentle exercise is possible during pregnancy, but you should also discuss your exercise plans with a doctor or midwife. A little physical activity cannot only help you maintain a healthy weight, but it can increase the likelihood of straightforward labor and birth, and it can improve your mood when you’re feeling low.

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