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Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish Puffs and Goldfish Mac & Cheese Review

A special thanks to Pepperidge Farm for providing me with free products to review my blog!

We are no strangers to Pepperidge Farm in this household, goldfish are my children’s most favorite snack and prefer it above all others! So when they discovered that we would have the wonderful opportunity to review some of their new products, you can guarantee they were ready to help! We of course opened up the Goldfish puffs first and were immediately happy to see that they were still shaped like fish, except more like a cheese doodle texture. These puffs reminded me of just that… cheese doodles! They were filled with so much more flavor than the regular goldfish and they are much larger. My children just loved them and they have become a new favorite afternoon snack to enjoy with lunch. Speaking of lunch, we spent a few afternoons trying out the new Goldfish Mac & Cheese, which didn’t disappoint one bit. They again maintained the signature goldfish look that my children know and love. All four flavors were extremely cheesy (just how we like it) and the flavor was delicious! These are officially our new favorite brand of Mac & Cheese and I can’t wait to get more of them on our next shopping trip.


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